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  1. Small 1) Use a shrine. 2) Select the rose Whorecrux in inventory. Medium/Large 1) Craft Whorecrux dust in smithing. 2) Talk to male npc and ask them to help. 3) Select the rose Whorecrux in inventory. Once they are all absorbed the curse will end.
  2. Thanks for reporting, I'll look into that. I have not seen the problem while testing myself. Id just use console to move it to you for now. Target the gem in console and type moveto player.
  3. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/158921-wcx-whorecrux-sele/?do=findComment&comment=3231485 There is a bug with FHU pool currently while the SPIRIT FRACTURING quest is running. It is fixed in dev version, I'll likely release that this weekend. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/158921-wcx-whorecrux-sele/?do=findComment&comment=3250415
  4. No worries, isn't clear in the description. You can upgrade small gems to rose at a shrine for now. Medium and large you need to create whorecrux dust in smithing to make amythyst then talk to a male NPC with that in your inventory. I've been testing with SLAX and SLIF and not came across any issues there. I'm guessing you have an issue with the meshes, as the pointers do appear but no object. You should have 9 files like data/meshes/wcx/whorecruxLGAmth.nif and an empty mesh in that folder too. If those are being loaded correctly I am not certain. If you have
  5. Thanks for reporting, I'll get that fixed. There are plans to have fading tattoos but not sure when that will be added. I'll keep these in mind.
  6. @cascen Just double check you defo have the assets installed, someone had same issue due to missing assets they had accidentally removed when updating. Can't think of any conflicts that would be causing it but doesn't mean that there isn't one.
  7. In my thoughts it's about tone. Not enslaved but rather in deep debt. So your idea of loot confiscation may work, after outright taking any gold. Somewhat complicated by whether gold control is being used or not. Could be a good idea to tie gold control to the deep debt state as well as different events. Maybe whoring, character has option to say no but may make follower angry. There are already a couple of whoring quests within the mod for when enslaved and the whore deal., but different to those. I guess it should be about follower trying to get as much gold as possible out of y
  8. Have you got the assets installed? Are the quest markers functioning? Should really wait for you to exit the milk machine before starting birth, I'll fix that when I get chance. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree entirely about the imbalance between difficulty with different gem sizes. I may make the small gem also only upgrade to amethyst rather than rose. I will be making the shrines no longer work as a method of conversion after certain state is reached too, so this easy option is only available for the more spiritually pure. R
  9. Thanks for sharing translations. I am not actually sure which mod that overlay was from but not Whorecrux. STA or SLS I think. You can only reabsorb Rose Whorecrux. You do this by selecting it in your inventory. A shrine will convert small whorecrux gems to Rose. For medium and large you need to craft whorecrux dust in smithing to convert to amethyst and then talk to a male NPC to convert to Rose.
  10. I haven't used the mod but it doesn't overwrite the activator records. I think it may replace the objects entirely though, I haven't looked Likely all it would need for all the shrines to work is for the following: To be added to each of the "Shrine of x" activator records added by Wintersun. This can be done in xEdit quite easily. I don't know anything of the mod though so I am just guessing that it has replaced all the vanilla activators with its own from looking at the esp in xEdit.
  11. Thanks I was using the wrong float, that will be fixed in the next update. Will include your change to use vag cum pool as limit, this makes sense too. Yes they will be improved a lot in all the regards you mentioned. They are just pretty much placeholders at the moment but will become more important and fleshed out as the mod progresses.
  12. There are many ideas for developments but wouldn't want to spoil too much. Nothing game ending but there will be a lot more negative progressions that can happen for sure. One idea for example was succubus transformation but that one will be a ways off, using a redone version of PSQ.
  13. Fine suggestions, I have been thinking about a lot of stuff along these lines. Just had a look and looks like I broke this when refactoring, the script wasn't calling the new UpdateMorphs global function I made. I'll test it today and put a fix out later.
  14. Tainted Whorecrux, that for sure has to be a thing 😂 Probably will be a range of potential Whorecrux states eventually, such as cultists are going to do some rituals with them, Hagraven, among other possibilities. The MCM lock is already present. Don't recommend using it though as there will be many options I will still add and it's a full lockout. I.e. once you have enabled it, you won't be able to disable it again, unlike DCL lock which allows you to change settings when not in devices. Good thinking, I'll consider something along these lines for the future.
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