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  1. Thank you @MikeTM, I'll have a read through and a think on this. Do you know if there is any way to unload a script? Would be fantastic if I can load and unload PLX_R_Player to remove the OnHit event from an MCM option.
  2. Don't worry, I can understand you perfectly. If it does it without using OnHit, I am certainly interested. Please send it over! Many thanks 🙂
  3. @bubba999 Use Naked Dungeons for the purpose you want instead, I have just uploaded new version and a patch for Naked Dungeons that will make the scenes from that work. I would need to rewrite GOM a bit to make it work by spawning a scene, Naked Dungeons was a better fit. Naked Dungeons is modular so you can disable everything else if you just want to use it for guard whipping due to nakedness.
  4. Hmm I am using SLAX, the tail is added from PSQ. I'll try stripping everything and see if it helps. I'll have a play around, thanks! EDIT: Got it working. It doesn't work with PLX so I am adding a patch now, the mod seems to be out of active development. Also just do double check with you, it is working with with SD+ right? I haven't had time to test that myself yet.
  5. It's all slavetats overlays from various mods, I listed what I can see below: - Spank that ass - Some stuff from the newest BETA of SLS - Apropos2 - Bathing in Skyrim - WetFunction Redux - maybe something I have missed too. and a magic effect from: - ScocLB The base texture is just the default from BHUNP
  6. You're right on these points. I'll publish an update now. Many thanks.
  7. @bubba999 Naked Dungeons does do a whipping scene type thing, but as with Slaverun Reloaded, it does not use ZAP WhipPlayer(). Edit: Actually it may work. I've not been able to test yet like I say. If SD+ works, this may as is. I'll provide a patch for it as soon as I can test, this will simply be adding the send mod event I need. Getting GOM to work will be a bit more work, but I may do at some point.
  8. Wow, naked dungeons seems really great. I'm just trying to test out the whipping scenes but nothing. Not sure if it is because I have slaverun or SLS installed? It's last in my load order at the moment. Any idea if it could be MCM settings? I have configured as such: I noticed it does have (!) after NAKED under indecency status, maybe this is indicating something preventing it?
  9. Thanks for this. I've considered adding OnHit like you outlined but I didn't want it to be the primary method. A lot of other mods use OnHit and I figured that whipping is pretty rare all in all so it wouldn't be a good fit because of that. The OnHit event would fire even in combat which with many OnHit events can lead to crashes when you are being hit rapidly. I know it's just a conditional statement when not a whipping, but that is still on top of all the other mods using OnHit someone may have installed. Unless there is a way I can enable and disable an OnHit event (and I don't think there is). I really want this mod to be lightweight and not negatively impact on performance or potentially cause crashes. As such I want to use mod events preferably. SD+ and submissive Lola (SLTR) use the WhipPlayer() from ZAP which does send a mod event. I created a patch for Slaverun reloaded so that it sends a mod event on whipping end, I can use this method to add to any mods that currently don't work in a more clean way. For mods in active development it is a small thing for the author to add. The only issue is that whipping without a scene will not count, like with GOM. Let me know your thoughts.
  10. @bubba999 Hmm no this won't work at the moment. I could mod it to work somehow but it just causes whipping weapon to be used on player. PLX required ZAP whipping scene to play for it to apply damage, I didn't want to be stacking more crap on OnHit(). I'm going to check if naked dungeons uses ZAP whipping scenes just now, if not - I'll see about writing a patch to use with GOM.
  11. Great, thanks! If it can include a float or string to work with that will be perfect.
  12. Awesome, didn't know about that mod, I'll install it right away
  13. NP I think I may just edit EFF myself to get around this.
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