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  1. Same thing has happened to my game, I haven't had time to go through my mods, but suspected this was the one causing trouble. I think it has to do with the piercing option. I've noticed Nisa's Mod has done this to my game more than once, but I love their mod, I hope it gets updated quickly, I'm going to download the older version, and wait till University's release to install the newer mod with the piercing option. Thanks for posting this, it is going to save me several hours of searching. 😁
  2. https://pastebin.com/R9wRgJeL hammered with last exception here also
  3. Getting this through MCCC while running wicked whims, have had trouble since the last few updates to Wicked Whims. Its something to do with underwear or something. Literally every few seconds, alot worse if more than one Sim on lot. Also linking to Paste bin https://pastebin.com/39m4WySk 01/13/19 21:50:42 Traceback (most recent call last): File ".\WickedWhims\turbolib\special\custom_exception_watcher.py", line 24, in wrapper TypeError: cn_override_get_random_underwear_set() got an unexpected keyword argument 'seed' 01/13/19 21:50:42 T
  4. They are updates, the updates usually contain everything that was in the previous update. The best thing to do is to read the update description, this will tell you what has been added or removed. Typically, you need to remove the previous version of the animation mod before installing the new one. Now, some of these downloads are in multiple packages, and some are updated regularly, and others not so much, what I'm trying to say is, an animator may put up an update for the main package of animations, but the items packages that are offered by the same animator, that you see in the download bo
  5. Sorry to post this here but I'm lost. I keep getting Last Exceptions, MCCC, Wicked Whims, and your mod keeps throwing up LE's, Im completely updated, but I keep getting these. Also my game sometimes locks me out of being able to walk outside, use the shower, toilet etc. I'm posting the LE your mod keeps creating, I love your mod but this is annoying. The wicked whims LE also seems to be caused by your mod, any help is appreciated, I'm a huge fan of your work, wish I could afford to join your Patreon, but just not able to right now.


    P.S. also attaching file


    Ver LL.0.971i.b at Time: 12/10/18 20:48:30 on Windows with WW Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\WickedPerversionsLL\NisaK\utilities\hazard_detector.py", line 30, in wrapper
      File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\WickedPerversionsLL\NisaK\wickedpervs\main_misc.py", line 42, in removemytraits
      File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\WickedPerversionsLL\NisaK\wickedpervs\buffs_misc.py", line 167, in add_crying_overlays
      File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\WickedPerversionsLL\NisaK\utilities\data_handler.py", line 262, in get_crying_bool
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'crying_bool'


  6. Been struggling ever since updating Wicked Whims mod a few days ago, writing this on 6/25/18 at 3:00 pm est in the U.S. Never had an issue until the last Sims 4 Update, and the last 2 Wicked Whims Update. Game fails to load at the screen where you choose a house to move into. I've done all the tricks, deep cleaning, etc. Even as far as removing everything and rebuilding my mod folder from the ground up. I've gone through, removing all the cc and it still crashes at the same screen. Failure to load code starts with the number 102. Extremely frustrated to the point of simply removing the en
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