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  1. Ah i see, thank you so much for clearing that up! For the straitjacket issue, i see that i'm not the only one who's unable to have sex in the straitjacket, which is a real shame. But hopefully this'll raise awareness and kimy will fix it! 😄 In the meantime, im not confident on using xedit abd just wishing someone post a temporary hotfix for it hehe
  2. Hi, i dong quite understand this sorry! Where do i input this command? Do i copy and paste it in the console?
  3. Hiyya! I've had billyy bound animation before, and ive also tried it without, just straight up zaz. Billy animation doesn't seems to work too with the straitjacket! I've tried leito and anubs too, none seems to be able to use the straitjacket sadly... In LE however, i only uses ZAZ with no other animation pack and its works fine.
  4. Mmmm the modlist was a bit different, but regardless, on LE i started with just DCL and Zaz and all the other necessary mods and the straitjacket just works. I add alot of mod on top of that such as SD+, Defeat, etc. But none seems to affect the straitjacket when it comes to sex scenes. In SE However, i started fresh and the straitjacket never works, i add SD+ and other mods on top of that too, and all devices seems to have a sex scene except... for the straitjacket. If it was marked as chastity atleast there should be an animation in which my character would look down at her chastity. On SE... iterally nothing happened...
  5. I've tested the open variants, the leg binders/dress and all produce no sex animation. Even wearing a slut collar, npc would just run towards my character direction and walk away. I've set solicitation to 100% chance and no animation would ever trigger too and i get paid anyway. I've played around with the filters and nothing seems to fix it. However i don't have the same problem on LE, the straitjacket works flawlessly on all variants and could work with all type of animation compared to the armbinder and yoke which seems to have a specific animation designed for them.
  6. After months of tinkering and even running with just sexlab, zaz and DCL, i am still unable to get any sex scene with the straitjacket equipped. I encounter this problem only on skyrim SE, even with a fresh install so honestly i'm really lost now. Is there a manual way or something to register the straitjacket? All DD devices works with all their appropriate animation except the straitjacket. I've download several different animation and it still doesnt work, i even tried editing the tags of each animation and nothing seems to work... can anybody help me please?
  7. Is straitjacket supported in this mod? I've only seen armbinders and cuffs.
  8. Are there any spoiler for dcl 9.0 like what new features and fixed?
  9. Oh thank you very much! Those picture help alot! And wow there's straitjacket in this mod? Sounds delicious! Do you have any other picture of the straitjacket?
  10. Im a huge fan of bdsm and bondage and i saw this Kinky World mod. Upon reading its description, i'm a bit disappointed that there's no mention of bondage nor bdsm, or if theres animation for one. So my question is there bondage/bdsm content in this mod? If anyone with experience can share something with me i'll be very grateful! Thank you!
  11. Hello... i seem to broke Devious Device. All of the devices shows and can be equipped, however my hands aren't tied and the wrist and a hands appears invisible and i can still fight, punch, and equip weapon. It happens when i'm in a shackle, armbinders, and yoke. The straitjacket however seems to lock me in just fine, with the exception of the legbinder/hobble dress in which i walk with the default animation. I can still struggle and the animation appears, but the normal idle animation doesn't as it appears like i wasn't locked in the device at all? I've run fnis multiple time and it runs correctly. The mods that i installed that broke this i think is PCEA2, which seems to override the mods animation. Disabling PCEA2 and making a new game however seems to not fix this issue... did i just broke devious device?
  12. As a straitjacket lover who tested your straitjacket catsuit and instantly fell in love with it ( the black ebonite one is perfect), thank you vwry much for sharing this for us! Your work is highly appreciated! Can't wait for the final version to appear on DD 4.4!
  13. So damn excited the mod is updated! Gonna wait till it's converted to SSE though
  14. That looks insanely good, any chance there's a download link to test them
  15. Bump, please i have no idea how to fix this. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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