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  1. Hi! Please download from LL, my website is experiencing technical difficulties.
  2. The Venue List was Updated with Haunted House Venue from Paranormal Stuff Pack.
  3. The Venue List was Updated with Haunted House Venue from Paranormal Stuff Pack.
  4. Hey! I wasn't planning on it, but I will see what I can do about it. How low do you feel it needs to be?
  5. Hey! Maybe, I wasn't aware of that, but I will test it. Thank you! Hello! Please read the installation instructions for the mod. You need to put files into Mods folder, Tray folder is for lots. Hey. It's not an active career. Please read mod's description.
  6. Hello! The Patreon version is maybe 2 or 3 major content updates behind. The Patreon version and Public have different numbering system. And I always updated public version for every patch or new packs as soon as I can, which usually take 2-5 days depending on how much I need to fix. Hi! Did you download Photo&Co? You need to put all files into Tray folder, there are no .package files that you need to put into the Mods folder.
  7. Hello! Try traits.remove_trait ksuihuh_trait_SugarMommy or traits.remove_trait ksuihuh_trait_SugarMommy_Reward if it was a reward trait.
  8. Hello! "Get sexy photos taken 0/5" refer not to the number of photos you take, but to the number of interactions. I can't trace the number of photos you take, I can only trace the number of interactions, and have one interaction to complete the event would be too easy. You can ask for only one photo at a time because the game doesn't allow transferring more than one object from NPC inventory at a time. I can't find a way to work around it. And for "Asked to be Styled" interaction to become available as well all other Photographer's interactions you need to report for the photoshoot at the rec
  9. Hey! Thank you so much for kind words🙏 I'm glad you're enjoying the mod and I hope I can publish some new content soon. And yeah, I was actually going to implement Basemental id system eventually or create my own👍
  10. Hello! Please read installation instructions on the main page, you probably put script file too deep.
  11. 'Sharing is Caring' is evil. I disabled this one in my game, because everyone keeps stealing stuff from venues rendering them incomplete. It drove my crazy until I figured it out🤪
  12. Hello! I tested recently and everything works fine in my game. Make sure that you followed installation instructions: put lot into your world, changed lot type to RedAppleOffice, have only one VenueList in your Mods folder. Hello! If you're not seeing new lot type then you probably have another venue list somewhere in your Mods folder, try to run the game only with RedAppleNet and no other mods to make sure.
  13. Hi! Are you on your home lot? You can't transfer videos on community lots.
  14. Hello! Yeah, I was thinking of transferring these type of interactions to video station for a while. I see if I can do it in the next update, Thank you!
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