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  1. A small announcement: due to certain situations and events, I won't maintain SoS SE anymore. Not sure what's the best way to deal with this (community-wise, I mean) so I'm open to suggestions. Maybe someone wants to take over? I'm not sure when I'll log in next, so replying back might take some time. Apologies for that.
  2. SOSRaceMenu.esp doesn't come with SoS, it's added by XPMSSE. SOS-Shop.esp gets completely mangled by the Creation Kit for SSE, just opening the esp in the CK breaks a bunch of stuff...
  3. Fffuuuu another update.... Hold on a bit, I have to set up a dev machine to compile the plugin. Shouldn't take more than a month. I mean, a day
  4. Thanks for reminding me about the translations, others have mentioned it and I wanted to fix it but I kept forgetting.... Anyway it's fixed in v1.1.3
  5. I recompiled the SoS plug-in for SKSE 2.0.16. Would have happened sooner, but this is the third time in a row when Bethesda updates Skyrim when I'm sick.... Bastards 😀
  6. Version 1.1.1 has been uploaded (hopefully without errors). It's compatible with SKSE 2.0.15.
  7. I've been trying for over half a day to upload the new SoS version and I keep getting a Cloudflare error, "Error 502 Bad gateway". The connection drops constantly and the LL website is very slow in general. Other sites work so the problem doesn't seem to be my internet connection. I'll try again when this issue is resolved.
  8. The bug is still there. But in my game at least, Forsworn Briarhearts wear some sort of kilt that covers the schlong completely so when it disappears you won't notice. Are you using some mod that removes that?
  9. Um... I'm not sure. It could work if RaceMenu also works on NPCs, not just the player. I don't really understand. Are you talking about equipable schlongs? And how would you do it in xEdit?
  10. In case anyone is interested, I compiled the NifTools plug-in for the latest versions of Maya. It's on Nexus at this link.
  11. It's a 1-to-1 conversion, so the skeleton is the same as for Oldrim.
  12. It was a mod for Oldrim that I converted for personal use, it was called Revealing Armors. Look around, maybe someone did a conversion and posted it somewhere.
  13. I think RaceMenu already does that. If I'm not mistaken, you can adjust about a bazillion schlong parameters independently of one another, provided you have the SoS Racemenu plug-in installed.
  14. I'll look into it. Probably just a mismatch between body meshes weights.
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