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  1. anyone still have have Woo vilja replace? and also is the conversation in english? thanks
  2. can anyone help with this, so I downloaded a sofia Tweak mod , i can see what she say in game
  3. thanks @ JafK1 but I'm still kinda of lose on SSE NIF Optimizer, do I only need NIF Optimizer or do I also need Guide to making old textures and meshes from Skyrim Legendary Edition mods work with the Skyrim Special Edition it said REQUIRES MAIN FILE. is there a video I could follow.
  4. Anyone here know how make SE files to LE file, I have a lot of follower that is in SE which I can't use
  5. dose anyone have DDF_Texture but for LE or dose that not exist? I been trying to look for DDF skin texture for LE but looks like is only for SE, is that there a way to convert SE to LE? https://facerim.tistory.com/254
  6. Anybody know to fix the gap from the hair to the head? [LE]_sibarnyeon_follower_1.1v.7z
  7. anybody else have this problem with Follower-K imchi Liarsa V3 or is it just me, I have LE. It is because the original is from SE
  8. also here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Ea0AW9eZXMXpRVuyAiCHCYHIAyGPJvBC there are lots of followers here
  9. Can anyone help with these for thanks 韩网CME存档 棒子网CME存档 棒子网CME存档 棒子网CME存档 【汉化】海伦娜 汉化~棒子网女随从莉娅、娜莉、莱缇~LE_Followers 汉化~棒子网女随从雨娅~LE_Yuya_mod 汉化~棒子网女随从番红花~Saffron Follower Abigaile follower https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=tullius&no=391845&_rk=CFQ&exception_mode=recommend&search_head=40&page=2 https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=tullius&no=311345
  10. Anybody got these FollowerBK and this https://kp4068.tistory.com/m/2613?category=715974
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