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  1. That's incredibly strange. The slime race mod seems to handle transparency without any issue, so I'm unsure what about the Indix makes it break.
  2. For those of you that might be interested (and didn't see this in the server), we have the go-ahead for Lyru support!
  3. I love this, but I have but one complaint Whomst in their right mind puts a Plain Human Dong on a fishman F o r S h a m e But in all seriousness, much thanks for your contribution! ^^
  4. There's a patch for the original race on its way (albeit slowly, the body type is a little tricky to work with) but I assume that once the original is done, the reskins will be on the way.
  5. I'm in the Discord, and I can very well confirm that there is work being done! I don't know if I'm allowed to specify everything that's being added, but I can say that pretty much all of the art for the update is ready, we just gotta wait on Lox's side for the code. He's a bit busy with college and other irl stuff at the moment (luckily not people mobbing him) so there's really no telling when it shall be done. Just know that there's still stuff going on behind the scenes.
  6. In theory, it wouldn't be too impractical, just tedious enough that none of the main mod makers have wanted to go into it. It would probably be best to wait until the new Sexbound update comes along to start making a Cutebound patch, but luckily for a lot of races, it would just be switching out heads and maybe adding a couple extra deets to the torso here and there. (Then comes harpies, which though I love, are gonna be a pain-)
  7. Oh my god, I am so sorry for your loss...I really hope the best for you and your family.
  8. I feel like this idea would be a bit difficult to implement, but I wouldn't be opposed to seeing it done. I feel like there would have to be a custom bed for it, so you don't see threesomes all around 24/7 (unless that's what your down for, I suppose)
  9. There actually is a mod that adds sex for penguins, the Vanilla Cream mod. It adds vanilla penguins and vanilla shadow folks.
  10. Nah, there's Gardevan, the other Gardevoir based race
  11. Could you perhaps do one for the Gallavoir on the workshop?
  12. Ahh, gotcha. Well, have fun at your event!
  13. I know you already have a ton on your plate, but if/when you get the chance, could you make a patch for the Orcana?
  14. You're a pretty awesome dude! Just don't work yerself to death
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