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  1. The third page of the forum. And what's the last one?
  2. You carefully read what is written in the description of these videos. There are links where you can find these mods. As for the dance, this is an ordinary poledance, you can download it on this site: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/77584-pole-dance-autolink-310-update/?do=findComment&comment=2145867
  3. For each movies there is its own ini-file with settings. These files are in the folder Autolink\_Movie\ParvateParadise\ These files can be opened in any editor. At the beginning of the file there is a line "BGM = ". You can delete the file name or replace it.
  4. Many users will be forced to stay on the DOA5LR because DOA6 needs a fairly powerful and expensive computer. In addition, some of the users dont like the new game, for example, because there are no tag battles and Private Paradise. And there are not some characters. So that. if you continue to make mods for DOA5LR, they will not remain unclaimed. Yes, and we are also waiting for Mai ...
  5. Do you need Kasumi with blue eyes? BTW, I looked now this mod in the program LRPhotoStudio and, indeed, there is a hairstyle built into the costume, so it should appear on the screen. But the blue eyes there, alas, no.
  6. I dl this pack now. There are no files for Jessica's hairstyle or face, so it's hard to expect to see anything other than the standard Kasumi face.
  7. Unfortunately, the face is not visible, there is only the file name. Do you mean Kasumi's face?
  8. There is a very similar hairstyle, which is called HelenaSamus, but for Pai. Whether it is suitable for Hitomi, I dont know, check it yourself. @HelenaSamusHair.HAIR.TMC @HelenaSamusHair.HAIR.TMCL
  9. Very simple. They suspect that Win7 owners will not pay anything for DLC.
  10. The first Dead Or Alive 6 update will be released tomorrow: https://twinfinite.net/2019/03/dead-or-alive-6-update-costumes/
  11. DOA6 All characters and costumes Story Mode
  12. This mod is called Autolink. Choose the costumes you want to see in different slots and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+0 (Zero).
  13. Well, the easiest way to send him a message and offer to share. ;)
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