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  1. The idea is create a yourself in the sims 4... i dont know if this is posting before, but i think that is a little bit curious or interesant, dont you?
  2. i like the tits like this, not to big but high, like silicon and the leggins i like too, is a cameltoe effect... maybe? xD yes, a little bit, now that i see again... i not remeber what eyes i put on her, so i attach all my eyes cc. [dfj-kellyhb5] Whisper Eyes Contacts (1).package [dfj-kellyhb5] Whisper Eyes Default Replacements (1).package [dfj-kellyhb5] Whisper Eyes Non Defaults (1).package Aveira_EyesN15_DEFAULT.package Aveira_EyesN15_Facepaint.package Aveira_EyesN15_Heterochromia.package Aveira_EyesN15_NonDefault.package dfj-kellyhb5ForestFeyEyes-NonDe
  3. Dont you see the pic? is odd because i can see it o.O And this ones by your metod? Post Edited by Gregathit: Please use spoilers when posting more than one picture. Thanks!
  4. This is my sims 4 female,i hope to enjoy it ^^
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