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  1. 6 hours ago, izzyknows said:

    It's a script bug. t basically calling the wrong reference. Not hard to fix and compile, I forget which file it's in atm.

    Ah Thank You for explaining that. I assumed I was missing something.

    I found the scripts StaticPhobia left behind for us. 

    I tried the tweaks, just the raider pet ones, it does work on that mini quest.


    However it replaces one problem with another.

    Gangbang scenes initiated by raider pets "give them a show" mini quest return an AAF Error,

    AAF log indicates it could not find any such animations

  2. On 8/8/2020 at 6:58 AM, spicydoritos said:

    This mod depends on Looksmenu to apply tattoos.  Looksmenu, as I understand it, lacks an API that would allow application of face tattoos.  So there's really no way for the author to fix unless Looksmenu updates.

    Ah this answered my question as I browsed around, thank you very much for explaining that. 

    Otherwise the face tattoos' show up fine in looksmenu to be manually applied. 

    I assumed I was missing something.  Now I know

    Much appreciated +1 Thumbs Up !

  3. Having troubles with 

    7: Time Out (some time cuffed to a stool, given by the boss, requires S&M poses)


    When the mini quest activates, I get only Atomic-Lust Animations showing up as options in AAF, but I have S&M Poses v 2.0 installed and working correctly on its own. They show up and animate when starting a new scene in AAF but I cant get Raider Pet to call them up during that mini-quest. Any Ideas ?

  4. +1 

    This problem  plauged me for some time. Constant perk chart crash.

    Finally found the solution here.

    Thanks much for sharing.


    For the record, it was the TBB redistributable, from the Buffout 4 mod. 

    Once I added the TBB redistributable to the root directory, no more perk chart crash.

    Thanks again !

  5. Best AAF Mod out there. Thanks so much @ stobor for sharing this

    Looking forward to maybe one last update one day.

    My wishlist would be to extend it to nuka world, far harbor, and to be a slave to the children of the atom in far harbor. 

    That would just be amazeballs.


    Thanks again for this, just awesome !

  6. On 12/24/2020 at 11:38 PM, SlaveHunter311 said:

    I think I found the solution to that problem a few months ago. There are two solutions. One was a manual solution that I decided I did not want to mess with in case I screwed something up.


    AWHA told me in post

    "The game uses "dirty" textures for raiders. These textures are separate from the default textures that you use for player and other NPCs. You can force the game to use "clean" textures for all raiders by replacing the dirty textures with the default ones. Go into your textures folder and find the body texture files, carefully note the file names for the dirty textures (they will have "dirty" in their names), and then rename the default body textures to replace the dirty ones."



    I was not in the mood to mess with the main files so I found a much more preferable solution.  This involves plugging in a mod that causes raider factions to have clean skin as a side effect of the mod.


    I am not 100% sure this is the right mod but I do think this is the one;


    Hot Mama Settlers and Bandits at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community


    Please repost and let me know if it is the right one and that it fixes your problem. I am sure some one else will stumble apon it and would also like to know how to fix it in the future.

    Sadly this mod did not work for me. I was able to clean up Ack-Ack's face with looksmenu through the console, but Hot mama's didnt change the dirt texture on her body. 

  7. Everything appears to be working. All settings in MCM are there, and i sucessfully captrued Ack-Ack, but i have no Slave Control System Holotape.

    I dont seem to be able to craft one either.

    Any ideas ??

    Edit: Nevermind, finally found a post on page 32 or something. Hit update in MCM and get a new Slave Control System Holotape. Worked. ?

  8. 22 hours ago, SavageCabbage said:

    Hi, I think goat sacrifices are bugged. If it's saying SSEX not found then you must not have installed SSEX correctly? Have you tried a manual install of both? Or simply try the vanilla pack first and see if that works, because that's not reliant on any mods except AAF and AAF Compatibility Patches.

    I will keep trying, no doubt I messed up something on install somewhere.

    Thanks for suggestions and sharing all your work SavageCabbage. I will sacrifice a small goat in your name.

    Cheers !

  9. Greetings,

    Seem to have a problem with error 37 SSEX not found whenever I try to use the animation pack.


    I've installed both the SKE version and Non-ske version, tried both, removed one, tried another, switched them around, stood on my head and rotated my hand counter clockwise, prayed to the gods of old, and even sacrificed a small goat, but nothing is working.


    I'm using Mod Organizer 2, I did install the MO option when following the FOMOD installer for the animation pack.


    Im stuck hard.


  10. 10 hours ago, corvusbray said:

    I found the fix on another forum. You need these mods. Settlement Supplies Extended, and its keywords sister mod.



    Sadly no luck. I noticed the error 37 can not locate plugin is popping up with other mods as well. I think RSE or something is looking for a plugin it cant find, even though its installed. When I changed the install instructions for RSE to not look for SSEX, it simply says it cant find Homemaker, etc.

    All these are installed, I have no idea why the RSE plugin isn't finding them when launching, everything else is fine.

  11. 19 minutes ago, corvusbray said:

    I have two error codes with AAF tag. I'm pretty sure they are not this mod, but I am hoping that you could help me identify them.


    The first was testing the romance NPC, has it next to talk when looking at them. (  It gave me the Actor ID "20" not found  ) The NPC was Dogmeat, and he still works with the SEU mod.

    The second was at start up, the SSEX.esp was not found. 


    If anyone can help me identify these that would be a big help.

    I am getting the SSEX error as well. SSEX.esp is last in my load order, im using the ltest SKE version, I also tried the non SKE version and had the same thing.


    As for the tags, these provided all my animation tags, not sure if its totally current but it should fill tha tags needed for your animations for now.


  12. On ‎5‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 6:54 AM, izzyknows said:

    The chastity belt has the reference still attached.
    Open Outfit Studio and remove the CBBE from

    File>Load Outfit>Browse
    ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\meshes\Collar\Chastity_Belt_F.nif
    right click CBBE> Delete
    Export to nif >Chastity_Belt_F.nif> Yes to overwrite



    There are several outfits you will have to do the same thing to. 


  13. Actually I got it all working.

    Re-installed game, switched to Vortex

    Started fresh.

    Got all 270 mods back up and updated, including the AAF-RSE/SEU sex kit, and all associated animations.

    Seems like it all working now. 

    My guess is I installed some stupid male texture, and NMM was overriding something, killing my boners or putting the wrong texture in load orders.


    Vortex is buggy (freezes etc), but the interface is clean, and it does work.

    Its really nice at showing the mod conflicts for a dummy like me, so even I can keep my textures and load orders striaght


    Playtime ?

  14. 9 hours ago, VonHelton said:

    Um, when you installed CBBE, you remembered to install the morphs to, right?

    Yes, Nudesuits works. Just add the 4Play patch.

    Try Leito's EVB Male, maybe?




    8 hours ago, EgoBallistic said:

    Please stop.  CBBE has nothing to do with this, it is a female body.  And Fourplay-Nudesuits only works if you use a FourPlay mod.  If you play animations through AAF that mod does absolutely nothing.

    Hey Guys,


    Really greatful for the help, all good ideas, to be sure I was checking all my .xml morphdata and all that , it was indeed in place.


    I have a vague recall of perhaps installing a texture recently, im sure I messed up. After all day of tinkering and trying to find redundant textures, I naturally ended up breaking things even more. So I un-installed.

    Perhaps I will try again another day.


    Thanks all for help, im very grateful ! ?

  15. 21 minutes ago, RitualClarity said:

    The nude suits do indeed work as advertised.. at least the previous versions of CP.  If you made sure you installed them , then there must be a mod that you installed that is doing something (perhaps redirecting the bodies, or overwriting them).



    I seen your post above this one. you are using NMM... Might be the cause since the CP is a scripted installer. Might be freaking out.

    the path.. is Yada/yada/yada/ data/meshes/actors/character/charaterassets

    The files are MaleBody.nif and Malebody.tri
    I believe. :D (unless someone with more knowledge states otherwise.


    In any case. if it is freaking out, you should be able to manually install those files directly in your data folder. (I mention this as you stated you cleaned out the directories  etc. AKA, experienced enough to do this) In the AAFCP there is a folder which is called "20 EVE Male Body V1 in side that is all the files needed (I assume) for your bodies to work properly. Manually install those and allow overwrite and then test. (drop all the files in that folder directly into the data folder. You will see AAF, F$SE Meshes and Textures... if you don't you are in the wrong location.


    Draw back, no manager will be able to control those files after doing so. (manual install) benefit... if done correctly, you will be 100% sure you have the correct files in the correct locations. (lots of overwrites should be occurring)


    Best of luck , and if someone with more experience than me states otherwise (from above) do that instead... :P

    Absolutely, did all that too, no dice.

    I believe those are all the correct textures, to be sure I copied those and the meshes directly into my own directories.

    No luck.

    im baffled, This all happened after I updated from RSE 3.9 to 4.0.

    I think I updated a few other things like MCM and maybe looksmenu at the same time, I cant recall.sc.png.196ed7df9fe215364b37ecdde4c6dd26.png



  16. 3 minutes ago, EgoBallistic said:

    Four-Play Nudesuits does nothing whatsoever with AAF.  It only works with Four-Play.


    To get erections in animations you need to install the EVB body and morphs from the AAF Compatibility Patches.


    It sounds like you've made a bit of a mess by manually uninstalling things that were installed with NMM, but you should be able to tell NMM to overwrite whatever older files are there from Dongs of Fallout. 

    I found the same, the nudesuits did nothing sadly


    From other posts including, AAF troubleshooting, all ppl seem to relate flaccid penis' with the compatibility patches.

    I completely agree, I must have left behind something, but for the life of me overwriting and cleaning out the directories has had no luck.

    something obsure no doubt.

    If I end up finding what it is, I will share.

    Thanks for help;

  17. Having trouble with flaccid actors in almost all animations. Everything else works fine.


    I'm sure its related to the compatibility patches, but I cannot locate my problem. I tried a manual install and overwriting but no dice.


    The NMM installation prompts for the compatibility patches however indicated it found an installation of dongs of fallout, but I long since removed it manually. I do not know where its seeing it at all, and I can not locate any of its files.


    Any thoughts ?

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