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  1. Would love to know that also. This issue has been there time to time ...
  2. I got the same issue since last game update
  3. Dead by Daylight, Fallout 76, BF V and depending on the mood and time Sims4 with Adult mods
  4. I am either blind or I did not just notice if this has been posted already. All is up to date with the mods and game but I get blank information from Whim and Relationships area i.e. is blank I have removed and downloaded the mods and also checked from save folder the information and deleted the whims folder just to test that does that work.
  5. Oddly I am playing right now and scrolling through the store without any problems.
  6. I have been looking the things from the side, not bothered to look all of the "Drama" videos that are in the youtube. I own both PC and PS4 versions and am enjoying the gameplay, not really having bugs .. been streaming gameplay through PS4/Twitch. So what is the "main problem" for people?
  7. Worked or at least no error this time. Have to play around little bit
  8. Thank you that explain loads, I will continue testing things and see how things turn out to be.
  9. Had Sensually tight been changed? I do have and I can see the tear blushing and red nose at character but there is no downsides from using dildo And I mean it was a Horse Cock dildo and nothing small ...
  10. God dammit you made me delete and reload all mods and I was not thinking logically.
  11. It was a mod ... something about being extremely dry/tight and every sexual act was painful also no just pleasure
  12. All is up to date that I have but characters are not getting the sex skill anymore, was that removed and if it was and it was on patch notes I am just dumb nob and did not read them close enough. But just wondering.
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