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  1. anyone know if there a new website where he post his mods the old fc2 blog was deleted. the only mod i found was a small collection on nexus and some of the older mods
  2. anyone know this mods ,i cant find the mods on steam or youtube, i remember the person making tutorial , and he realeased a mods with a gothic like girl with silver hair cant remember if the hair was long or short and im not sure of her outfit but im pretty sure she had leather leggings and a corset top.
  3. that's a nice leather/latex bodysuit outfit ,it look good on your character. if you don't mind me asking where can i download this outfit
  4. Is this still being working on , it's looking good so far
  5. Is anyone willing to convert this Outfit from speedbuster/A Type2 into skyrim . https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/27591
  6. Im mostly trying to find a download link for the latest version of the firebutterfly for 7b or unpbo i think
  7. I'd like t request this armor Armor/cloth Name.Ada Wong Release Author of the Mod.JackGa Image of the armor/cloth. Download Link http://www.loverslab...s-stuff/page-20
  8. i've found one that has been updated hopefully it work. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19186-jackgas-stuff/page-20 post 383 Agent Armor
  9. Sorry, I don't port armors from different games, just convert them from different bodies. Oh sorry i didn't know ,well there another one that was made for cbbe i asked if someone could convert it t 7b in this thread Official Sevennity SevenBase Armor-ClothesArmor/cloth Name.Ada Wong Release Author of the Mod.JackGa Image of the armor/cloth. Mod file source link.
  10. Armor request from oblivon to Skyrim SPB Bodycons suit
  11. Request Form: Armor/cloth Name.Ada Wong Release Author of the Mod.JackGa Image of the armor/cloth. Mod file source link.http://jacksh123.mysinablog.com/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=3893256
  12. Request Form: Armor/cloth Name. firebutterfly Yoko Outfit Author of the Mod. Vitriks Image of the armor/cloth. Mod file source link. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/3503-wip-bazoongas-workshop/ Additional notes if any.
  13. this one is not really a request im using the diablo elf race and i downloaded the high res texture pack for this race but i get a neckseam issue it's worst then with the normal resolution that came with the original textures , also how can i add skeleton idle and animation to the custom race only do i have to create any folder.
  14. im still trying to find a downloadable link for these two armor im just looking for the pants i know the top is from sheva tribal outfit this one wonderland set from vindictus
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