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  1. I've recently gotten back into The Sims 3 since its my preferred Sims title. I've updated to the required patch level for the use of a few mods made available here, and with Nraas. However when updating I lost my previous creations. I'd like to purchase University for The Sims 3 but am weary of doing so because I don't want to patch beyond the required level for many of the mods that I currently use, including Kinki World. I haven't played in many years, so I'm not familiar with whether or not an EP will force an update, in this case university which I've never played. I don't want to buy it if it forces an update. I won't get it in any way shape or form if it forces an update beyond what is necessary for my mods to work. However, certain features in my modded game will not work unless I install university. And, I hate having to deal with Origin. So I'm wondering if the University EP if bought through EA forces an update to the current patch level? I only have a few EP's, and until a few weeks ago didn't start playing. Last time was 3 years ago. I'm considering getting University for the purpose of making drugs in Kinki World. Unfortunately it requires the science skill, but I can't get that unless I pay for another EP... Unless there's a way to remove that requirement. I initially didn't want Uni but because of the Kinki mod I'm now left with a decision to make. Was hoping for input. I'm grateful for any reply, and thank you for your time.
  2. EarthMoonandMars

    Sims 3, KW, assume this goes here: Interactions

    Thank you, I've since figured out how to properly use the mod via regular interactions. I found always accept as a way, though, I neglected to update my post. I am able to enjoy the mod both as it was intended, and without. Thank you for your response.
  3. EarthMoonandMars

    Sims 3, KW, assume this goes here: Interactions

    Well, I guess ill just live with it. All animations play accordingly, I've referenced the installation guide. I however am unable to remove the necessity of being aroused, but am able to make sims interact through the debug menu by changing their arousal state. Its been near another full day so I won't bother with this post anymore. If anyone has any advice I would gladly appreciate it, as per my original request. If a moderator or admin happens across this post, and finds it needs to be closed, please do so. Ive yet to figure out a solution. Thank you for your time.
  4. EarthMoonandMars

    Sims 3, KW, assume this goes here: Interactions

    I apologize for bumbing but its been more than 20 hours. If I've posted in the incorrect forum, or thread I apologize, I will repost the contents of my question to an appropriate forum, or thread if need be. I've yet to figure out a solution to my question. I was wondering if anyone could help.
  5. Recently got Kinky World for the sims 3, getting used to the setting but there's something I can't figure out by searching here or on Google. I don't want any restrictions imposed through arousal. I know all the animations required to work, I've been succefully able to test them, but I've hit a wall to some degree. I'd like to be able to disable the requirement, or what seems like a requirement for sims to be aroused to allow sexual interactions. When my sims are aroused they have absolutely no problem engaging in actions, and initiating subsequent animations for woohoo. I'd like to disable this globally, or locally if at all possible. In the unmodded version, I can woohoo without interupption the traditional way unhindered, and that's what I would prefer, but with kinky world, I must either force through debug; a SIM to be aroused, or super horny. I would like to freely be able to use woohoo interactions between sims with a high enough relationship without a requirement for arousal. Is this possible? If so, I ask, how? Which setting should I use. I would prefer open ability to woohoo with said KW mod, any time, without need for partners to be aroused. I'm up to date on my game version required for the use of this mod, and all necessary animations have been downloaded. Only other mods are nraas: relativity, master controller, Woohooer, and desensor. Ive tested all animations with debug, and everyone works, yet I continue to get a "No I won't do that". Message, unless they're aroused. If they're aroused they'll do anything, and animation will play appropriately. Thanks for your time.