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  1. Thanks, and they'll be separated, but there's a problem that I might run into though, dependencies. But, I'm going to do my best to make sure that I don't break compatibility of the original mods and don't create dependencies.
  2. Yeah... I broke it. I'm sorry lol. I'm working on the new simple (you can fix this by setting the BP70 position tags from "Dominatrix" to "Mistress") I'm working as fast as I can with only knowin half of what I'm doing and half an idea of where I want to go, so bare with me here
  3. Well, that's always nice to hear that I didn't do it
  4. Maybe, people seem to be pretty attached to Leito animations. I've always considered them a bit, erm, "Budget animations" to put it nicely. I might just do a compatibility layer for staged leito though.
  5. Banners definitely won't work with leito, unless you put the banner="whatever" in yourself for each animation you want them on.
  6. Sure, go into simplepatch/AAF folder, look for savage cabbage positionData.xml then at the top of that file there is a "Test" animation, remove the "isHidden="true"" part, save, close. Then go back into simplepatch/interface folder, copy and paste any of the xxx_pump01.swf files and rename that new file to Test.swf. Go in game, press home to launch AAF gui, then select player female > ground at player > test if the banner plays, it's something else, if not, it's your computer... or something else... lol And yes, you could remove the banner.xml to remove banners Yeah, if it's cuminside1 banner, that's eslee's banner. I referenced it in animations that don't yet have banners. IF not, then false positive. Strange glitch, hmm
  7. No, delete the offset data at the top of the page, then save it. Profit As for AAF, I'm not having issues with it freezing on me, but if you find something not compatible lemme know, I'll look into it. There are a few things I'd like from AAF, one exitActors added to the source code (although I might add it myself if DBKing lets me), and dual banners and a banner delay. --- Edit Also, if you are using notepad++, you can open all documents and remove the offset data with a single click by pressing CTRL+H (Notepad++ is the shit) Also, I plan on tweaking these so they work for all sizes 5' to 6' by finding some sort of balance
  8. Savage Cabbage, BP70, Grey User, and SimplePatch work with AAF 154. You are using mods that aren't supported and you aren't downloading the required files for simplepatch, and banners seem to cause issues for you. Sounds like this patch may not be for you, from what you're saying. Also, not sure what you mean by conflicts with AAF, latest version works fine with SimplePatch. Say that again? It may be an alignment issue with me, I'm working on creating a bit of padding between furniture and characters. ( I set the girls in my game to be 4 inches shorter than guys, as it should have been done by Bethesda) but that may not be what you are seeing, but I don't quite understand the question.
  9. Interesting. I'm using BP70, Savage Cab, and Grey user with latest AAF, working for me. So Atomic Lust and Leito probably needs updating for the latest AAF. Just a guess though.
  10. Thanks for reporting. I suppose I'll take a look myself, but if you find out that Hardship doesn't work, let me know, I'll try and fix it.
  11. No, staged leito should work as long as place Simple Patch as the highest priority, although the overlays won't kick in for leito. You could fix that real quick though. Just open animationData for leito, search for "Vaginal" replace with "Pussy", search for Anal and replace with "Ass", search for "Vaginal_M" replace with "Pussy_M" and "Anal_M" with "Ass_M" SimplePatch uses a different combination of cum overlays and pretty soon, probably new ones all together for hands, feet, and hopefully one day face.
  12. Facials work, humans need a bit less of an open jaw. Will tweak later. BP70, Savage Cabbage, and Grey User work (listed in required files) All creatures except DLC wolves are supported, will add later. Thanks Depends on what you are looking for. But if you like Indarello's patch and it works for you, as operand said, that's up for you to decide. Inderallo is further in development for his patch, so you'll theoretically have less issues with his, if that's what your wondering. But obviously, my objective is to create a streamline patch that "just works".
  13. oh, there's a new one? Well let me look at the updates -- holy fuck what is going on with AAF right now lol -- Oh this is good, I can finally create fully staged scenes that end, But nah, this mod won't break AAF.... although now I have to incorporate these new changes Ah crud, still doesn't work
  14. Yeah... Well, those pesky raiders who surrender that are still thinking they are in control is unacceptable! I figure Dominatrix and Master tags will be able to separate animations so that the proper dominance actor will be given their proper role. There should be 4 different configurations ( Dom player Sub Male ) - ( Dom Player Sub Female) - (Sub Player + Dom female) (Sub Player + Dom Male) - ( Neutral/Love/Rough tags cover the rest ) So, logic if is if player is dom then include tags Dominatrix or Master tag, else tags determine what player is, sub or neutral. If player = dom && player female then only select Dominatrix tags else select Master flags Well, that's my take on it anyway. Open for ideas though... In fact, if anyone has ideas, I'm open!
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