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  1. that guide is confusing and its for mo1. for now i copied the files from the update (the files inside db) into my installed apropos2 db file, i hope that works. i urge you to release a fresh functional one click install mod compatible with mo2 every time you update the mod as its quite fun.
  2. mo2 does not recognize the update files for se, i understand the updated versions are only for le ? (i am not interested in manual installation)
  3. thx. i use tempered skin for males (my player char is a ork - not sure if this mod works on orsimers). the splatter is from the "dirt and blood" mod.
  4. can we create a separate slab gui then ? by the way i have not found any custom poses so far... anywhere. i understand its lots of work and it requires different kind of modders than in ck1/2. i just hope that its not something that the developers reserved for themselves. personally i would be fine with just lewid/custom poses and a few clothing mods. the absolute dream would be some kind of interactive mini game like mirror
  5. start another or more sl scenes until it goes to normal restart the game or load an earlier safe
  6. any updates on this ? i am searching for a mod like this... the "spank that ass mod" is to script heavy for my taste as the player has to start a sexlab animation to execute a spank... i guess the best thats there so far are the whipping animations. i would like something similar to an unarmed attack... as the the ai will not turn hostile on the spot
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