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  1. my antivirus jumps at thisone, anyone know a reason whats special with this download?
  2. Hi dunno if this is a known problem, but the furniture seems to stick with npcs on release. They seem to be walking around with it. Sorry search wasn´t succesfull. Have seen someone reporting about it in the old devious devices contraptions thread but he said he fiddled around with some scripts which i would rather nozt do
  3. Would it be possible .... to automatically set to a slower timescale on start of scenes and put it back to normal on scene end .... because with this sometimes one literally spends days fucking
  4. Just a question, because it startet with me installing this mod (and a bunch of others that shouldn´t have anything to do with this). Does this mod reintroduce vampire attacks in towns into SE? And if yes, how to disable it?
  5. Is it save to uptdate mid playtrough .... especially as chloes quest is allready running?
  6. Hi is thisone from dcl .... because i just added it to my loadorder and this never happened before.
  7. Hi, i am about to start a new playtrough, i see that the original LE mod is a version ahead, do you plan to update thisone too (or will it be safe to do it mid-playtrough)? or if not can you point directions as to how to do conversions myself? Thx
  8. And please do yourself a favor .... use ModOrganizer from the beginning. Sure 1 more thing you ll have to learn to use but this1 is well worth the time.
  9. Hi, 1st. things first, thx for this great addition... and i cant say how excited i am for the owner = quest generator mechanics. Just love the idea. But i have one thing i would love to see changed... if sometimes during packslave the forced prostitution from the parent mod starts ... the backpack and the quest should temporarily disbanded.... because whores with backpacks is just not my cup of tea. 😁
  10. Can you update midgame? Sorry i am One of these ckii newbs you talked off.
  11. Coming back to my Food Value Script Problem. Sorry that it takes so long but i ve very little Time ATM. It didnt Work because tes5edit couldnt find skyrim.exe so i moved it to my skyrim Folder where it found Tesv. Exe which at least Made it possible to run the Script. Unfortunately it takes the exe to the Masters and is unable to Clean it out There. Is this a known Problem?
  12. Hi, i got problems with the Food Value multipler Script. It aborts After creating the plugin Leaving it Empty giving me an Error: File Not found. I guess it Has todo with me Not Setting mxpf up correctly. The Readme of it hasnt Really helped me (still dont Really understand what it is and what it does). Anyone got similar Problems here (Ans Solutions here)?
  13. I just started a new Game with this, and as i was Setting my mods up the Autostart slaverun Feature Left me with a question. Slaverun has an autoprogression Feature itself, does this mod overwrite the Setting from Slaverun, and if yes does it manage the further Progression beyond Whiterun? Or do i have to activate the Slaverun Feature After Whiterun has fallen? Sorry my Mobile is ging crazy in Autocorrection.
  14. Unsure if this is Welcome but i would like to see Npc charging you for using their smelters, racks etc.
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