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  1. Can you provide an unmodified version of the large areola of skin tone 3? I like the optimization you made, but personally like the big areola. Thank you very much!
  2. But this texture is not perfect, you can try this armor mod. The texture of the nipple is perfect.SCVI_Lite Sanctified Strap_NUDE_v1.2.pak
  3. Will you modify the texture of the mod? I want to delete the armor of this Ministry of Defense and only keep the nuditySCVI_Lite Sanctified Strap_NUDE_v1.2.pak
  4. Does anyone like the nipple texture of this mod?
  5. Can anyone help me remove the armor in this mod and only keep the naked body? I like the texture of this mod. Thank you very muchSCVI_Lite Sanctified Strap_NUDE_v1.2.pak
  6. Can anyone help me remove all the costumes and accessories in this mod and leave them naked, thank you very much SCVI_Lite Sanctified Strap_NUDE_v1.2.pak
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