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  1. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21294 this thing should get you to the point, where you will find your problem. install, make few ctd's, look what in logs, or post here.
  2. Didn't know music can do ctd's... I thought they affect only amulets and rings. I usually don't use them because if they change wearing sound - "unlimited amulets and rings" won't work, but there is no ctd's, just mods stop working.
  3. if it's image modifier stuck, then here is script: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/29360
  4. xpmse overwrite everything? if not, make sure it does. upd: and double check nemesis, I found him messing with mod list (mod list inside nemesis, not your current list deployed), sometimes, especially if you reinstall remesis, it won't detect some of your mods (to make them visible in my case - i reinstall those mods, that didn't appear there), but it's probably unrelated to your problem.
  5. Strange, I tried to reinstall my mods too (with vortex) and there was no options either. Pretty sure it worked before. upd: mods with fomod installing correctly. But mods without fomod isn't. upd2: reinstalled bodyslide, nothing happens on vortex install, but on first run it asked about game directory - I set it, then run morphs, it give me my usual errors, which is normal and i think it's working correctly. If you want to change game or directory - there is "settings" button in right bottom corner. What else there should be?
  6. Am I an Arch-mage? The supreme wizard of Skyrim, no! Tamriel? Of course not, what a joke! How dare I even think about that... After 4th floor I invented the spell that can decrease magic resistance! Finally I can fight with this creatures at full power!! That what I thought... And it was till I reached the 7th floor of that oblivion, and it looks like oblivion. Why do they call it "Hell"? Floor 5 and 6 guards defeated. How many days passed? two? Three? A week? Who knows, is it important? I found out that alchemy and enchanting can affect eachother, so I can make stronger enchant
  7. So, as first floor of that dungeon showed me - my pathetic skills and gear need alot of improvement. Stage 1. Get my hands on Azura Star, gather all my and student's ingridients from college into my house. Finally arch-mage title mean something! Guess my students will go get some fresh air and maybe some warm sun in south regions of Skyrim to gather ingridients in stock again. Side note: Faralda mentioned ritual spell book that can teach me some higher tier destruction magic... why do I feel it's will be useless? Stage 2. I didn't really want to bother with that guy from Soltsheim,
  8. Hello, This is arch-mage speaking. (Who in the oblivion put lesser daedra seducer to rule the entire winterhold college? yes, THOSE guys who never spoke to anyone in ages, whatever. All I wanted is just the Gauldur amulet.) And i've got it! my precious... And an arch-mage title for killing thalmor agent. And did I mention that my pathetic magic skills suddenly started counts as supreme? No, i'm serious about pathetic look: But that was enough for dragons, draugrs, falmers and all of those weaklings... Wait, they was LEGENDARY creatures? whaaat? They can't even
  9. thread moved __ it is quest addon from bakafactory patreon, not sure if it's free. i'm not sure if links to other sites is allowed here.
  10. I would check slot 52 in first place, there some problems with dd and other mods that touch slot 52. also check xpmse and sos skeletons, iirc xpmse should go after sos in load order... (but for me it rarely helps)
  11. for succubus part: try player Succubus Quest (PSQ) and sd+ on top of that maybe... upd: there is also custom succubus race that calls "Daedras Seducers"
  12. actually papyrus log just got even bigger and those file missings still there (that was expected since i put some new mods that never used before with some strange dependencies) whatever while scripts will go mad was expected... But what I didn't expect is to bugs with spells and missing heads will go away... because why they should? i just changed 1 mod that doesn't really affect any textures. Maybe it's because of my stupid "narrowing" method that I used, I manage mods with vortex (I know mo2 would be better in some cases, but vortex is just "easy") and to make sure that exactly sl dialog
  13. found out that I used le version of dialogues. problem solved. (i'm not a topic starter tho!)
  14. papyrus not logging anything, that log ^^ from an hour ago when I managed to start the game and make the new character. __________ skse log: ___ also I have this net framework log, I usually using this to debug ctd's in game, but it never log start of the game itself. __ plugin list (skyrim se version 1.5.97) pretty sure i'm just missing something, or fkup with setting ini or animations dunno, i had problem with infinite main menu loading, which is strange and i never had this before (on previous install) some of my mods was dated 2017, Also pretty
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