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  1. It can be done in a script, but not dialog conditions. Possibly this is why the remark doesn't specifically mention vibrating plugs (enough time has passed that I don't recall the details). It occurred to me that if you simply dislike the appearance of the DD butt plugs but not their function, you could edit DD to change the models, modifying zad_plugIronAA, zad_plugSoulgem02AnAA, etc. to use the Darkwood plug models. The advantage for you is that this replaces their appearance throughout the game, while retaining their keywords.
  2. Seems reasonable. I made a note to look at this. Pretty much as intended. Your sexual outlets should be sex with Mistress or prostitution. That's sort of a justification for prostitution (if you need one), that Mistress has you so pent up for sex that even selling yourself is a relief. Don't set that to zero unless your character is a real nymphomaniac. The decay rate helps you. If time rate is your sex addiction, the decay rate is your recovery.
  3. This mod uses them for its vibration troll event. Although the comment doesn't specifically mention vibrations, that was the idea behind it, that a powered plug would be large and the ability to vibrate you makes you a sex toy that can be switched on & off. Subject refers to the speaker (your owner). I could have used Target to reference the PC, but I'm just in the habit of doing a reference. No. Skyrim is all about you (the player character). NPCs won't make idle comments about other NPCs, only you. It's for specifying the sequence of the records. It doesn't have real meaning here where all the records are random, but it's crucial if they must be checked in order. Even where order doesn't matter, the game gets unhappy if the records aren't linked properly (e.g., more than one record having the same PNAM), so it still has to be done right. The Creation Kit does it for you. TES5Edit/SSEEdit make you do it. However, TES5Edit/SSEEdit let you leave the field empty (not null, but empty), which is actually my preferred approach for all-random topics, but this one started out using PNAM I just continued doing it, since using an empty PNAM is all or nothing within a topic.
  4. I accidentally copied the ID for the idles topic rather than the record, which is xx0529A9 (Being a sex toy is natural for you...).
  5. Thanks! Fixed for the next update. Only the one is specifically for butt plugs (it starts with "You know, a proper slave wears a butt plug..."). xx050E49 is general comment about plugs that checks for worn vaginal or anal plugs that are also Lively or Very Lively. I'm guessing that the plug mod that you're using doesn't have the DD keywords, so it doesn't apply (you'll never see it when you should not).
  6. Ah yes, that makes sense. If the configuration is such that (for example) vampires are not valid aggressors, they'll just kill you. So if I understand your dilemma, it's that you can spare the PC from assault by simply setting the sexual assault slider to zero, but then your follower is not assaulted (and you want the follower to be assaulted). However, settings with a non-zero sexual assault chance result in PC death if you exclude the attackers as valid aggressors. Yeah, that seems like a no-win situation. Possibly it's a desire that wasn't anticipated by the author or by those who've maintained it. Hopefully this discussion will provide enough information to someone who can better answer this.
  7. I always want the PC to be assaulted, so I have no experience in this area. However, it is surprising that the PC would die like that. With "Essential - On Bleedout" enabled, it's very reliable for me (PC never dies). But I haven't experimented with using that with the assault chance off.
  8. That's really a FNIS question, not Defeat. The options that you select for FNIS won't affect whether SexLab is recognized as being installed. In regard to those FNIS options, it says "DON'T tick if unknown!", which is good advice. Don't use them unless you know that you need them. I've never used the gender specific animations option. Whatever options you decide that you need for your game, you'll want to be consistent about it.
  9. Good vibrations. 😀 If you want a vibrating item but don't want to have to look at it, or if you have a problem where they clip through clothing on NPCs, it gets the job done.
  10. Some things I can't announce. I've had discussions with the author of another mod about a small but fun little integration. That author is pretty busy and can't commit to a time frame now. There are things going on in the background that I can't talk about without putting someone in a potentially awkward position.
  11. I won't be touching that on this end. Serana's implementation is just too different. I think she might work okay after you've progressed enough through her story so that she becomes a full follower. Before that, she just doesn't work. She doesn't even have the normal keywords for a vampire. She's basically a mess. None of it's all that significant, just fixes, tweaks, and wording adjustments. That's all that I've committed to so far for the next update. Beyond that, I've received some nice suggestions -- things I really want to do -- but not right now. I'm pretty busy. Simple changes like the today's fix for the Roped Up event get done immediately; I'll say something like "fixed now for the next update". If I say I will fix it for the next update, that's a promise to do something but I haven't done it yet. So I have a stack of IOUs for the next update that I still have to work on. I think I can fix this one, but I'm not promising anything. If I can readily fix it, it will probably go in the next update. Noted, but fairly low priority. That's a significant change, so I won't tackle it now. There are players who prefer being surprised by a random selection (not so random really if you had to choose a list of 3), but I think the event is still fun and worthwhile with the one hair style. The suggestion for a setting for the duration is fairly simple, and much more likely to happen soonish. Don't say SLA. 😀 Between SL Aroused, Adventures, Approach, and probably a few others, it's a badly overworked acronym. This mod only directly manipulates exposure, the part of arousal that's normally fueled by seeing nudity, and only through standard function calls of SL Aroused (including SLAX and other variants). It's things that you'd probably expect. If you receive a pleasurable spanking, you get a small bump to exposure. After the forced orgasm event, exposure is set to zero because you're exhausted. There's an MCM setting for your satisfaction with sex with your owner that adds or subtracts exposure after that sex. As @Anunya said, your problem is very likely time rate. That's a real measure of sex addiction, at least with the SL Aroused model. It can get out of hand quickly if you frequently see nudity or "erotic" flagged clothing. Just like Anunya, from time to time I have to use the puppet master MCM page in Aroused to yank my character's time rate back down to something sane.
  12. If I understand you right, you're trying to have a bound actor perform an animation. That's a conflict, because while bound that actor will try to use the bound pose. If you want to do things with your captive, you'll have to unbind that person (and risk the consequences).
  13. The force greeting will check if you're swimming (or otherwise busy) between notifications, but not for the very first one (since the event just started). The process works well if you're running and there's enough distance that your owner can't start a conversation, but (as you've seen) if the owner is close then the force greeting completes immediately. I see that the Roped Up event doesn't check if you're swimming. That's the problem. I'll fix this right now for the next update. Thanks for mentioning it. Many events don't check for swimming because it's not relevant (you can't be swimming in a tavern), but this event definitely should have been checking for that.
  14. If you just don't want to see piercings, this mod adds "Vibrating Nipple Studs" that are intentionally invisible. They are Lively, so they'll vibrate on dragon soul absorption. They're used for the playmate, but you can give yourself some with the console. Lively increases the chance of a DD vibration event by 50%. Very Lively doubles it. If an item has both keywords, the chance is tripled. This is possibly moot for you, since you probably have set the DD vibration chance to zero to avoid getting vibrated too often between this mod's vibration trolling (if enabled) and DD's random vibrations. It's for vibration when you cast a spell, but I believe that the item must also have the zad_EnchPlugSoulgems enchantment to trigger it.
  15. Do remember the details of that? An event won't trigger if you're fighting, but of course there are timing problems if the event triggers and then you're attacked before your owner can complete the force greeting. However, the scripting tries to handle that too. During the owner's approach, when she is getting increasingly unhappy because you haven't talked to her yet, the script checks many conditions and puts the force greeting on hold if it's inappropriate. If you're in combat, swimming, talking to someone else, or various other things, the force greeting pauses. However, for efficiency it's only checking if you're busy every 10-12 seconds, so it's certainly possible for the force greeting to complete between checks, so that you're in combat when a conversation starts. Is that what you saw, that the event triggered right before you were attacked and Mistress reached you in just a few seconds? I'd like to understand what happened, to see if there's more that I can do to improve the force greetings. Unfortunately, if it's a timing problem like this then there's not much else that I can do, since there's a tradeoff between more frequent checks and performance, and we don't want the game to lag whenever a force greeting starts. I'm open to suggestions, but constraining the player too much could cause problems. SexLab often places the actors in an awkward location. If you want to watch, you either have to activate the free camera (which I dislike doing because that glitches things for me when the scene ends), or move your character around so that the third-person viewpoint isn't in a wall. Locking the PC in place really wouldn't work. I could enforce a distance between the PC and the owner during the sex scene, so you could move around but not walk away. Is that what you had in mind? Even so, particularly in player homes you could find plenty of things to do without wandering very far. Actually, that gave me an idea. Perhaps your owner could quiz you about the sex sometime later, to be sure that you were watching and paying attention. This would just be an illusion. The mod probably can't remember specific details (and even if it could, the animations are so imprecise that you can't really distinguish vaginal from anal sex), so the correct answer would have to be obvious, but it would have the appearance that Mistress is checking that you were watching.
  16. I just build the LE version, and fortunately LE isn't so picky about texture file dimensions. @Herowynne graciously handles the SE conversion and will probably be interested if you can list the suspect textures.
  17. This mod is for LE. Scroll up this page a few and you'll see a discussion for extracting the files from the BSA for those who want to use it with SE.
  18. Okay, very good so far. The next question would be why Vortex says that for Defeat you still need SexLab, even though you clearly already have it. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with Vortex, so I can't help with that other than to suggest double-checking versions, so that you're not accidentally mixing LE and SE mods.
  19. I'm guessing that you accidentally typed "loverslab" for "SexLab", but this would be the source of your problem. Defeat requires SexLab. If you don't have a required master installed, Skyrim won't launch. So, one thing at a time. Ignore Defeat for now and get SexLab installed properly. Perhaps you just have to reinstall it. Start your game (without Defeat), and verify that you can see SexLab's MCM. Once you know that SexLab is truly installed and working, enable Defeat.
  20. It was an unforeseen consequence of consolidating the kneeling scripting into one place. I'll change it for the next update. You should only need a piercing removal tool to unlock it, then you can remove it from her.
  21. Thank you! I'm surprised that a few of these weren't mentioned by anyone else before. A little tricky, because I'd have to check what you had in inventory before you started (or you could always whip out a not-so-fresh treat to mitigate failure), but I like the idea that you tried. Of course you'd still be punished, just with less score loss. As you suspected, Mistress knew it was unfair all along, which was part of the fun (for her). It's checking for the Devious Devices anal plug keyword. I can't easily have those topics check for other keywords from other mods without making those mods hard requirements. I guess you could roleplay it as Mistress wanting you to experience a real butt plug. I like that. This would also fit the roleplay suggestion. Can't do it. Not without hard-coding specific locations. Mod-added homes that are outside of towns have the same problem. It's keyword based, and the yard outside your home rightly lacks the "home" keyword because it's not inside your house. I get what you're saying; it makes the owner look really clueless. I just don't have a solution. It would be a SexLab thing, possibly related to animation keywords. Unfortunately, nothing I can do there. It's actually kind of impressive that SexLab recognized that your follower was busy fletching and waited for that to end. I've reduced the chance for it to occur in inns for the next update, and I recently halved the amount of sweeping so it can be completed more quickly. Players specifically asked for at-home events, and there's only so many things that fit being at home, other than locking the player in a cage or furniture (which I think is disruptive and I'd rather not do). Sweeping is a subservient act, so it has its place. Rather than turn off events, I'd rather make them more interesting. Any suggestions? If it's just the frequency, I can increase the cooldown. It's currently once per day for homes. Oops. I think I can suspend enforcement of Fashion Slave during the other event. Mistress would probably be delighted by being treated as the divine focus of your existence. 😀 As you guessed, there's one kneeling function. I can make a separate version for the lesser power. The kneeling pose option is already on my to-do list. It would apply to both. I can't do that, but I can add it to the main "Master/Mistress?" topic, as a toggled option. Likewise, it would only apply to the "Master/Mistress?" topic. That's a nice one. Mistress won't hear anything else until you've offered service.
  22. If this mod wasn't one of the mods that you tried reinstalling, it's worthwhile to do that. Reinstalling this mod has gotten things going for some players who've had mysterious problems with it. Most often, the problem with the auction not appearing to start is the absence of Fuz Ro D-oh (or using an older version of it). In reality, the auction is proceeding but without Fuz Ro D-oh you can't see the words. The auction will take a couple of minutes. If you wait several minutes and suddenly the auction is over, the problem is with Fuz Ro D-oh (not installed properly or being interfered with). Note that if you're wearing devious devices, it takes time to equip each of them. That adds to the time that you're on the auction platform, but you should see the devices disappearing one by one).
  23. Devious Devices already has a "gag talk" feature. In the console: set zadDialogueGagDisable to 1 Sweeping has a cooldown, though inn sweeping and house sweeping are separate events, so the cooldown of one doesn't affect the other. It does not. There's a 50% chance. For homes, the chance occurs every time that you enter, so if you make many trips in and out of the house, you're very likely to trigger it. For inns, the chance only occurs when you rent a room.
  24. Do you have a Fuz Ro D-oh installed? It's required.
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