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  1. It could be useful to have Simple Slavery send a mod event when the auction is complete and control is being handed off to an enslavement mod. (Mods that want to know about the start of the process, when the player arrives in the cell, can register for the existing "SSLV Entry" event). Mods that care about the player becoming enslaved could then respond as needed. The end event can have a string argument identifying the outcome, since mods might want to handle some outcomes differently. Any thoughts on this?
  2. This mod doesn't work that way. It doesn't. It seems better not to have to make assumptions about the internals of other mods, and just inform them through their interface. This mod and DFC both have a pause feature that can toggled by the player in the MCM for situations like being sent to prison. For this mod, I've set up mod events that you can call with a single line. Sending mod events is ideal, since you won't have to test for the presence of this mod. If it's installed, it will receive the event. This new functionality will be in the next update. Details
  3. If the dom is put into vanilla wait mode, as if the player had told that follower to wait, this mod hibernates until the follower stops waiting. If that's not sufficient, I could set up a mod event to suspend this mod's activity.
  4. Version 2.0.12 Fixed: Hid the slightly conspicuous testing option that had accidentally been left visible. Fixed: A property type inconsistency for the gag quest was causing log messages.
  5. It looks like DD 5.1 will be released today, earlier than Kimy had planned, to correct a critical bug. I'll wait to see if 5.1 will be solid enough to begin requiring it. Of course it will still take time for this mod to properly make use of its new functions.
  6. Thanks for reporting this. It's fixed for the next update. The variable allows flexibility for future events that might use a different duration. The "You're mean" option should always be available after 24 hours and if you're not gagged, since the owner doesn't really want to be bothered with such foolishness.
  7. Heh, yes, I missed adding a condition on a new test function. Just ignore it. You weren't supposed to see that.
  8. The things you can say and the responses vary a lot depending on the situation, but something should always be available. However, you must wait a full day before you can do it again, and that may be why it's not available. I really should look at that part again and refine it some more, but it hasn't been a priority.
  9. I'm sorry for the upload notification spam. Missed a few details and the site wouldn't let me just edit it.
  10. Version 2.0.11 A small update, but it has an important bug fix. Changed: Pony girls will be freed from their tasks during a dragon attack. You'll only be released from your duty if you are not yet returning to your owner. If you finished the pickup or delivery and you're returning, you're expected to ignore the dragon and finish the job. "Neither snow nor rain nor threat of dragon stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds". Changed: The clothes hiding prank now excludes containers in the Sleeping Giant Inn and the Winking
  11. I found the cause, a 2% chance that your clothes would go poof due to a scripting error on my part. I apologize for the trouble and loss of your time. Thanks to your report, the bug is now fixed. While I was at it, I also excluded from the clothes prank the containers in Delphine's secret room, as well as those barrels in the Winking Skeever basement that are blocked by the large brewing tank (two of them back there are accessible, so they're still available). You've earned the Gold Star Award today, though perhaps you should be getting the Purple Heart. ⭐
  12. No change to the mod today, I just edited the description page to update the link to jfraser's blog, Making of a Mod - Simple Slavery.
  13. @nun56unn5ufg, have you looked at Disparity? It has gender differences with females being physically weaker that applies to NPCs as well as PC, and wider racial differences too. I use it in every game.
  14. I have a list of ideas and suggestions, some easier than others. Problems with existing content get priority. Based on feedback, I started looking at releasing the player from the gag, hand bindings, and blindfold. That led to the new combat mercy system and an overhaul of the mod's dragon detection. I tested the extreme case of having Shut Up, Time to Relax, and Lights Out all active and then spawned in a dragon, watched all 3 devices get unequipped, then got rid of the dragon and saw all 3 get reequipped. Much more reliable than the old process. From that, I made a note for a possible
  15. Sorry that you had trouble. I'll retest there after I add the excluded containers list.
  16. You must be in an inn when you ask, and the clothes prank must still be enabled. You can check the ClothesPrankContainer property for vkjMQ, but it soon gets reset. When I'd tested this, the owner reliably had the "I need help finding my clothes" option. There's no other secret area in Sleeping Giant Inn, and the mod won't select the vendor chest (for obvious reasons). Edit: I'm going to add the valid containers in the secret area to an excluded container list.
  17. I think you posted on the old mod page by accident, but since we're here, you should be able to ask (under "Master?"), "I need help finding my clothes." You must still be in the inn for it to be available. The mod won't select a disabled container, or one with no name, or a locked container. If some mod has moved a vanilla container out of sight (placing it beyond reach), you'll have to ask your owner for help. That inn has the secret area, which has a few valid containers. I'm guessing that your clothes went there. I'll see if there's an easy way to exclude that a
  18. I'm on LE. Best asked on the SexLab discussion or possibly the Skyrim tech support discussion to get the right help.
  19. Hmm, a self-inflicted wound? Well, future slaves will benefit from it.
  20. You get today's Gold Star Award for reporting this one and the typos. ⭐ Thanks! The problem is a bad condition check for whether you were bought as a slave or not (the dialog varies a bit). If you really want to continue, you can set "setpqv vkjmq WasBought false" to mark yourself as not having been bought.
  21. I'll take a look. Absolutely! Please report problems like this. It's hard to proofread one's own writing.
  22. Use the second link, for SL Defeat v5.3.5.rar.
  23. Since you already registered one item of clothing for RP, that's all you have to do (unless you intend to wear something else). Registering the collar is only useful if you plan to do prostitution naked. The condition check in the MCM is wrong. I'll fix it. Edit: It looks like the condition check has always been iffy. It probably worked with the old non-locking Lola collars.
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