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  1. Hmm, there's nothing in the documentation about SetHairColor not persisting after loading the game. I guess I can save the new color and set it whenever the game is loaded if the event is running. That won't help quests already in progress though since the new color wasn't saved before.
  2. The mod description says, under Recommended Mods: "Any mod that adds spanking sex animations: You'll need one of these for the spanking events to work right. Otherwise you'll just get generic sex animations instead." This mod selects 1 of 3 PC poses for the whipping scene. For the reward it's a Zaz idle, standing facing away presenting your butt. For punishment it's the "inspection" pose from DD 4.3, standing facing your owner. If that pose isn't found, then the old Zaz kneeling one is used.
  3. Update This is a complete patch for version 0.95 (this is the first update for 0.95). Submissive Lola Resubmission Patch - 10 August 2020.7z From now on, the MCM will know when it should refresh its lists and it will quietly do that for you. No more "Remember to refresh the lists in the MCM!" notices in the update notes. Sexual Preference Settings - I have simplified the way the Owner and PC sexuality settings work. - The preference settings now let you simply specify whether you want sex with males, females, or either. - This is simpler than the straight/gay/bi method. - If you're already enslaved to an owner, you don't have to do anything! The in-game gender preference variables haven't changed. The MCM settings might LOOK wrong but they don't take effect unless you change them. If it makes you feel better, go ahead and update them, but you don't have to. Gender Handling - I switched back to using the vanilla gender check for setting the Master or Mistress title at the start of enslavement. - SexLab gender is used for sex animations. Quality of Life Enhancements Added cooking pots to the inns where you'd need them to cook for your owner (only in those specific inns). They're on the fire pit ledge and they use the covered pot model, so they have a small footprint and blend in. They're barely noticeable, but they can be turned off in the Debug menu. Gags and other devices that are equipped on you will now be removed from your inventory after you no longer have to wear them, with the exception of the "fashion" outfit that you wear in Solitude since you're expected to reequip it when you return. This change won't clean up any devices already in your inventory, and if you'd given yourself an extra copy to play with, that one will stay. Only one copy gets removed when the quest ends. Better checking for "Time to Relax" to determine if you're in a good destination without making you be outside for that check. Adjustments to the "I Am Famous" quest to exclude followers, beggars, and drunks as approach targets.
  4. Possibly, though it's probably best to not have a page with a wall of chance sliders. If there's an event that a lot of people would like to influence, that might be a good candidate. Even then, players would have to understand that most events also have a cooldown, and the cooldown periods cannot be configurable, so adjusting the chance wouldn't accomplish quite as much as one might think. So far my focus has been on new features, improvements, and fixes, so the mod will be nice and shiny when MrEsturk takes the helm again.
  5. It's the way that location keyword checking in the game. If you're in a building in a city, that location does not have the keyword for a city. If you step outside, it does. You would have been fine if you'd asked outside the inn at Markarth or Whiterun. I'll add a non-immersive line for the owner to say if you're asking while inside so that part won't be as confusing. EDIT (update): Okay I did two things. First, I took the brute force approach and added specific location checks for all 9 hold capitals. If you're in the Silverblood Inn, the mod should now recognize that you're in a city. Second, for other places (including Raven Rock and new cities from other mods) if you're in a building your owner will say: "Don't be silly. You know I can't check location keywords when we're inside. Well, except in the nine hold capitals of Skyrim. My powers are different there. Let's step outside so I can remember where I just was."
  6. Good point, that will be in the next update. Hopefully it won't inconvenience too much the people who were using their own script workarounds.
  7. In my development version I now have cooking pots added to the inns where you'd need them. These use the covered pot model so they have a small footprint and blend in. I placed them on the fire pit ledge. They have no animation; the cooking menu pops up immediately. The pots are on by default and they're barely noticeable, but they can be turned off in the Debug menu. I will look at removing gags next. If I don't get the Confessions event finished today (so much dialog!) I'll still post a small update so people will have these fixes. That's evil! And of course you get punished if you don't finish. I love it! Lola! What did you put in this stew? Well, I was doing everything by feel. I think those were noodles.
  8. Heh, that's funny! 😀 I will see if I can have the mod take the gag from you. I usually dump junk of various kinds in a corpse and let it despawn. I think that MrEsturk simply meant the latest version of SexLab at the time of the writing, which was July 2020. SexLab 1.62 is fine. That's what I'm using. SL Hormones ism't required (or used) by this mod. You might have been the victim of bad timing, if the rape triggered just before the whipping. Unintended rapes bug me, so I've tried to be careful about using SendModEvent("dhlp-Suspend") before scenes like that (prolonged nudity is the player's problem though). This mod's whipping sends dhlp-suspend at the very beginning (before the strip) and I know that DCL listens for that event, so normally what you saw shouldn't happen. But if it activated just before this scene started and the rapist arrived a few seconds later, that's unfortunate timing. Yes, working as intended. You'll want to break up long rides into shorter ones or fulfill your daily service quota before doing a long fast travel. That's what you get for lounging around in the back of the carriage, Lola! I'm trying to imagine the driver's reaction to the two of you having sex in the back several times along the way, as if the ride wasn't already bouncy. 😁 MrEsturk wrote the cooking quest, but I believe it's intended to be difficult if you don't carry some ingredients, particularly the meat. The first time you fail because of that is a bit unfair, but you're learning what your owner expects of you. After that you'll want to carry ingredients or prepared meals. There's a cooking pot in the Penitus Oculatus Outpost, which is open 24 hours. The task isn't supposed to be impossible, though if you only have an hour it's asking a lot for you to remember where a cooking pot might be in each small town. For a long time I've used a personal mod that adds a cooking pot to every inn for my own convenience. I think I'll copy from that mod and add cooking stations to each inn where you might receive the cooking quest (it's only a few), with a toggle in the MCM to avoid conflicts with mods that add to or rearrange inn interiors.
  9. Nothing I tried worked, though I did manage to make things worse for a while. So I removed my attempts to get the Lola dialog to take precedence during that kneeling scene. I haven't talked to the other authors about it because I have no solution to propose other than removing a feature in their mods. It would be different if I could suggest a condition check, like if the player is in a scene, but @Herowynne helped me test that scenario and it didn't work. Apparently when the kneeling scene is playing the PC isn't technically in it because the PC has no spoken dialog until it's over. Hmm, but that gives me an idea. If anyone would care to test adding an IsInScene = False condition on the follower in those blocking dialogs. that might get around the problem without taking anything away from those mods. Otherwise, you might choose to patch your copy of SLS or DFC. Herowynne posted patches for SE (and self-help instructions for LE): SLS and DFC. Good point. That's not so bad for an idle comment, but for the planned Public Service event I'd have to figure out if that location is active, or just leave off servicing soldiers. At least I hadn't started on that one. Right now I'm waist deep in building the Confessions of a Slave verbal humiliation event.
  10. Install Horrible Harassment and enable the integration option in this mod to use its struggle mechanic.
  11. My apologies to the 3 people who downloaded my 8 August update before I caught my mistake. It had a test pop-up that I'd inadvertently left behind. You'll notice it right away when you load your game. I updated the patch file with the fixed script. Please download the revised update.
  12. I'm working on a couple of new events, but the progress has been slow so far. The first is a bit of self-humiliation -- just verbal, nothing gross -- tentative working title "I'm a Slave". Somewhat like "I'm Famous", it's just making sure that people know you're a slave. The second, "Public Service", is doing what a sex slave does best to "support" our brave town guards. If you've chosen a side in the civil war, that will include "supporting" the soldiers at military camps. Since most guards and soldiers are male (at least in vanilla) I will probably restrict this event to players who've selected a sexuality setting that includes male partners. I won't force straight males into gay sex, nor do I care to jump through hoops to support mods that change the sex of guards and soldiers. There are plenty of other events.
  13. Bug Fix Update This is a complete patch for version 0.89. You don't need earlier patches. Previous updates are included. Submissive Lola Resubmission Patch - 8 August 2020.7z Thank you to @yeahhowaboutnooo and @MikeTM for their very kind help and instruction with this one. A very small update with an important fix and a minor change: - Fixed keywords not being initialized in the main script. - Sexuality settings for player and owner use SexLab gender.
  14. Erk! I'll fix that. Thank you and @yeahhowaboutnooo for the tip and the explanation.
  15. I can add those changes. I generally stay away from asking SexLab for gender but in these instances it should not be a problem. Quest scripts don't need it. It's simply initializing some of vkjmq's local variables.
  16. That's how I see it too. They might as well be bidding on another workhorse for the farm. They talk about you as if you're not there because your thoughts and feelings are irrelevant. In one of the lines somewhere you're even referred to as "it". That's cold. It was just the puns that didn't work for me (I don't like them in real life), but as I think about that, that's the harshest of all -- bad jokes while being auctioned off. So it's really how you view it. If anyone wants to edit the auction dialog, it's easy to find in TES5Edit. Sort the columns by Editor ID and the auction topics are all at the top. Just remember that if you edit the esp you'll have to redo your work whenever you update to a new release.
  17. That should work. You could create a Papyrus log and look for any errors at the very end. The first thing it should do after talking to the auctioneer is strip you. If you're playing a custom race, it's possible that you have parts in slots that refuse to unequip, and perhaps that leads to odd behavior with SS++, although this mod only makes one attempt per slot so it should keep going The stripping process won't touch items tagged in non apparel slots if they have the SexLabNoStrip keyword. I've had no problem with fox ears staying on for the auction if they're tagged as SexLabNoStrip. If you think something might be happening there, you could change your race to Nord and be sure that no cat parts are equipped and try again.
  18. Punishment Update This is a complete patch for version 0.89. You don't need earlier patches. Previous updates are included. EDIT: Removed obsolete patch. Choose Your Weapon The new Whipping Weapon setting in the Punishment section on the Rules page lets you select what weapon your owner uses on you: Cane (default), Crop, or Cat o' Nine. They all work the same; they just look different. Remember to "Refresh Menu Lists" on the Debug page to see the new options. Motivational Punishment There's a new Motivational Punishment option, defaulted off, in the Punishment section on the Rules page. - If this option is enabled, you might receive a "motivational" spanking or whipping. - You're being punished for poor attitude, not for anything specific. - The chance depends on your submission score (maximum chance at 0, no chance at 100). - It's a real punishment, so you will get the spanking or whipping debuff, but there's no score penalty. - If you go along with it like a good slave, you'll get a small score increase. - This event has a 24 hour cooldown.
  19. Only by opening the CK and editing the scenes. Which isn't that hard to do, actually. I do find the description of "jokey" a bit odd. XD @crudo might be referring to this one: Next we have lot 502321, check out these wares! I'd rather put stuff on her and check out her 'wears'. Hahaha! Thank you for the joke, Dad. Why don't you put your money 'where' your mouth is and give me three hundred to start? I grow 'weary' of this banter, so three hundred it is. That one was a bit of a stretch. Be'ware' going overboard. I have a bid of three hundred, who will give me four? Normally I like the familiar feel of the dialog. These buyers are slave owners who are regulars at these auctions. They know each other and the auctioneer, so the banter between them seems natural. The puns here though are a bit much. I left it alone out of respect for the original content and feel. If it's just this one that's too "jokey" I could add a toggle for it, or edit it if no one particularly wants to keep it. I just didn't want to take something away from anyone who really likes this particular scene. It's hard to know what other people will like. By the way, if anyone would like to submit more auction scenes, I could possibly add a few. They would have to be lore friendly and generic enough to fit any player character (e.g., a lot of players don't play as the Dragonborn), though things like gender can be handled with condition checking (a comment about firm breasts could switch to large cock for a male PC).
  20. They don't appear to be designed to be kicked off from another mod. "Possible" is a very broad term but I'd say it's not all that practical.
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