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  1. happy valentimes day :D

    anyone have any special plans with their s/o? i have some notsofun stuff to do since its wednesday so bleh. but rest of the day will be funfun filled with fun and chocolates and lovey love.
  2. i still havent played skyrim

    noted. thx for the help! that makes it a lot easier. i just checked and i have version 1.9 something. probably a p early one. doesn't say its any kinda special edition, so i'll need most patches. guess i'll start playing skyrim after i finish re7.
  3. "What are you playing" thread

    about to start re7 but im scared.
  4. Say hi!

    hi! i signed up so i could download stuff and ask dumb questions. the community seems super nice and active so i'm real excited to be here. i like playing around with 3d models and making stuff in blender and wanna get into modding too (not the scripting aspect bcuz omg hard). need to find a game to start with tho. i also draw a lot.
  5. i downloaded the game like forever ago but never played it. these mods got me hecka interested tho. but should i play vanilla skyrim first or go straight into adding mods? side-ish note, i didnt really enjoy playing the fallout games. with fallout3 i used a bunch of cheats and skipped to the end. with new vegas i played like an hour and quit. so yah, just keep that in mind. im super a.d.d.
  6. is it an autolink issue or an outdated game version?
  7. GTA V - Nude Sex Mods

    i totally wish there was. gta5 is such a huge immersive game. and i like the look of it more than most of the other games like fallout or sims.
  8. total newbie question since this is like the first mod im installing on doa5lr, but i get an error at startup saying something like "failed to recognize game.exe". i assume its bcuz im using v1.08b. it also says the mod loader was disabled, whatever that means, but the mod seems to work. at least a bit. the char models and camera control works. i dont rly notice a difference between the 10 different skins, but idk if thats an error or if im just not noticing subtle differences. also, is there any way to easily update my game to 1.09b without reinstalling the whole thing? i found a few files on another site but it seemed complicated bcuz im a dumdum.
  9. What's on your mind?

    thinking about putting a little strawberry syrup in my coffee but i dont wanna ruin a cup of coffee. but i really wanna try it kinda.
  10. Girls of LoversLab

    theres no suitable emoji for the face im making