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  1. sarahsenpai

    Is it hard to get into the USA?

    its actually not expensive at all. anyone who's not poor can afford it. idk what a meter is. around 1000sq ft for a 1bed/1bath would be p normal for that price if the apt is in a good neighborhood. or you could get a studio for less. i think people make more money in america than germany so prices kinda show that. idk.
  2. sarahsenpai

    can you pee standing up?

    everything about that looks fun.
  3. sarahsenpai

    Is it hard to get into the USA?

    2-3k is p reasonable for a nice apartment in a good area. very affordable for most people. you could even find some smaller ones in good areas for around 1.5k maybe less. get yourself a roommate and it'll be cut in half. idk anyone that can't afford that. i wouldn't worry about crime or w/e either because there's bad neighborhoods everywhere.
  4. sarahsenpai

    walking dead season 4

    im totally spazzing over this game. it looks p great so far. they said there's a bigger time jump this time and clem looks very grown up. and aj isn't a baby anymore. i rly wanna see how clem's story ends. i hope she dies but not because i hate her but because "happily ever after" ending wouldn't rly work in the walking dead world. so her dying to save aj or something would be totally acceptable for me. it'd give me like closure or whatever. maybe there'd be lots of different endings? i made javi a total psycho in new frontier so i'd like to see what he does in the final season. if all my choices would rly matter or not. idk. can't wait. im super hyped. anyone else excited for it? this game series is probs my fav.
  5. sarahsenpai

    Is it hard to get into the USA?

    not rly. it depends on the area. you could get a p decent house in a nice area for only around $1mil, which is like middle class or whatevs. nice apartments in a good area are only $2-3k/month so anyone can afford it. for stores, there's lots of shops for many price ranges. lots of thrift stores too so it's hella cheap if you wanna save.
  6. sarahsenpai

    can you pee standing up?

    no thats cheating. if you own a paynus you must pee standing up while facing backwards. post results. i made myself curious if thatd work or not. i usually dont pee in the shower unless i rly have to go and thats only because i hate going right after showering since the toilet seat is always wet from like compensation or whatever and it feels kinda gross.
  7. sarahsenpai

    I love this community

    ppl here also seem like super mature. i havent been here for long, but ive been on this site longer than ive been on deviantart and omg the difference is crazy. like, this is a site about smex mods and fetishises but everyone is totally cool about it, yet on deviantart (a site about art) people perv out constantly all the time about every little thing. like it doesnt matter how nonsexual a pic is, theres always gonna be someone leaving a lewd comment. and not the good, clever kinda lewdity, but the obscene kind with licking emojis and stuff. ugh.
  8. sarahsenpai

    do you e-stalk your ex?

    someone should rly invent like one of those breath thingies for internet usage so if youre too drunk and tired to use the internet responsibly it wont let you go on. i promise im not as pathetic as it seems. im gonna go cry about something completely unrelated now.
  9. sarahsenpai

    can you pee standing up?

    i got overconfident and made a mess
  10. sarahsenpai

    Usually how many times do you masturbate?

    my sex drive drops to like absolute zero when im stressed. idk why.
  11. sarahsenpai

    do you e-stalk your ex?

    im not even emotionally attached anymore. i feel nothing for him. im way happier than he is anyways. and since im hella mature i can be happy that hes happy too. id just be happier if he was miserable.
  12. sarahsenpai

    do you e-stalk your ex?

    i have this friend whos totally over this guy and completely cut off contact with him irl but she keeps going on his social media hoping to see his life in shambles but when i find out he's doing great it basically ruins my whole day.
  13. sarahsenpai

    What music do you listen to?

    decided to bump this instead of making another music thread. someone suggested metric and florence+the machine to me after i mentioned i liked marina and the diamonds and i totally love them. trying to find similar bands rn.
  14. sarahsenpai


    i read azumanga daioh when i was a kid. i also have kuragehime but havent started on it yet.
  15. sarahsenpai

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    browsing yummy food tags on tumblr when im hungry. i have no one to blame but myself.