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  1. I am creating a new household but am realizing that my sims don't have eyelashes so I have to use make up to add eyelashes. Please help
  2. As soon as i opened my game and loaded my game just started getting bombarded with the orange notifications. Please help ColonolNutty_Exception.txt KinkyWhims_Exception.txt WickedWhims_v147b_Exception.txt lastException_63709838072.txt
  3. Im creating a bdsm/sex dungeon under my house. But I dont have enough decor to create a full dungeon. Can someone help me
  4. I downloaded ColonalNutty's main file and also his kinky module. But I cant seem to get it to work. Can someone try to help with what I am doing wrong
  5. Im trying to get an invite code for sim file share but i cant find a working one. Can anyone message me a code plz?
  6. I am looking for some traits and animations that i used to use until wicked whims and the sims got updated now its no longer useful. Can somebody help me? I had a nymph trait, slut and some other traits and aspirations similar to those
  7. Nevermind i fixed it. But thanks for ur guy's help
  8. I just did but still the same thing
  9. I have just installed mrrakkon's custom sims into my tray and mods folder. But when I load the game it shows that my household sims are missing hair clothing and accessories. Please help me.
  10. So ill go straight to the point. My sims have a penis in cas, just in the nude in the house. But when i do a sex animation my sims dont have a penis and also everytime i do any animation all i see them do are lesbian or solo female animations. My male masturbates like he has a vagina even though he has a penis. Please help me figure out what the hell i did wrong. PS: all my cc is freshly installed and so is my game
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