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  1. Nice work! Obviously, this will be the most promising and interesting DD mods after captured dream. Waiting for updating.
  2. I am sad to hear that. I really like CD and waiting its updating for years. Thank you for your mod and thank you for giving us so much happy time in Skyrim. I do understand you. Good luck and If you want to make soming new one day in the future, please let us know
  3. I will check masturbate problems. I haven't try it. The textures are in the folder but cannot show. I still work on it. Maybe can solve it in next version. And you are right, the event period is for the master initiatively ask players to do something. Its minutes in gametime. If you donot master ask you frequently you need larger Event Period time. Actually this pump is extracted from Devious Devices. So if DD cannot support male, I think I can do nothing.
  4. Actually I don't know either. But I've heard it is trivial and can be easily ported.
  5. So....Every one. I find it difficult to just extract a chestity belt from Devious Deivces. Are there any old hands know how to achieve it ? I just do not want to put all DD as a pre mod for only using one devices.
  6. I think they are the same things. So I guess you can just use one. But you'd better cover ZAZ with this mod cause I do not know if there are other problems.
  7. I never met this problems before. Do you use ZAZ for SSE instead of LE?
  8. you need to convert it. or just skip it. You cannot make your followers be submissive.
  9. Actually only two of rydin animation is used. spank ass. so if no rydin animation, it seems totally ok. I will change it as a optional require mod.
  10. I guess you can port it yourself. It seems port animation is easy.
  11. yes. this mod. I think its easy to port animations without modifation. You can port it yourself. I find a copy but I cannot upload it cause I have no permission.
  12. emmm, sorry.. I just uninstall my skyrim legend version several days ago, cause it is unstable and runs too slow on my computer even if I put it with all mods in a fast enough SDD. So I think I have no plans to update the non-SE verision.
  13. emmm I think it is compatible with DD. But there is no quest about DD. When DD of SE is stable, quests may be instered~
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