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  1. Fair enough. I'm by no means a modder so guess I'm stuck :/
  2. Its been proven possible to mod it as seen on Nexus so why haven't there been any nude mods? Evie is hot a feck so I'm surprised there haven't been any for her yet there are like 3 for the new chick.
  3. The image you posted there does not appear for me.
  4. Oh my lord Disney is going to HATE this. Better keep this as low profile as possible. Looks pretty good so far though! Can't wait to see what you have in store! Real quick though... More of a Star Wars nerd nitpick really... There is no Union in their name, Its just the Separatists. Alternatively you could just call them the C.I.S which is the abbreviation of their official political name, "Confederation of Independent Systems." Another I'm sure you're aware of... Idk , I kinda like the green text... but it isn't star wars. Great work regardless! Ca
  5. Fuck yes! You are right master, patience is the Jedi way.
  6. Glad to hear it! Any news on a release for the customization beta yet?
  7. Just looked at the Patreon and noticed that this takes place during the clone wars... This keeps getting better and better!
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