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  1. @nomkaz HUHU!:P are there any incompatibilities here that should be taken into account? I have Devious Device helpers, which use similar functions that were described in this mod!
  2. @HexBolt8whatever you did with the scripts, it worked, just had my first "EYE CANDY" event in weeks!:P
  3. it needs the LE does that mean they are SE compatible? it is not mentioned anywhere, neither here nor on the LE page.
  4. @Kalmah have a small problem with the "Restless Slave:" quest when it starts my mistress just walk away, (she is in th default follower slot, not in a framework! my other follower is in "Followerlivepackage" and works normal.) and she does that until i end the quest by follow her out of town and with the dialogue option, then she follows normal again!:/
  5. do you plan to update it for the newest version of SLR? it's 2.0!:P
  6. as far as i know, i tested 10 gags but the only one that caused it was the gag from the addon, yesterady on the citybondage in whiterun was the same, same gag (it seems) and same problem!:/ Edit: locking and unlocking another gag seems to fix it , but its still annoying!:/
  7. just got to sleep with my mistress, while shes is sleeping in the bed Paid by ME, i spend the night gagged on the wall, but after she frees me the gag sounds persists! i can talk normally but the gag sounds are always audible even though I don't wear a gag!:/
  8. found a small Spelling bug with the new "Name your Master/Mistress" feature: it sounds a bit odd!:P a possible solution could be in the Bond way: "My Name is Bond, James Bond" but thats only works if the name of the master/mistress' is in the Title!:/
  9. you just gave me an idea, "Oh Destroyer of my Dignity"!>:D oh! "Mistress of my 3 holes"!
  10. has Someone some Good examples for a Mistress' Titles?:P the only thing I can think of now is "Mistress and Owner":/
  11. the only problem that i find anoying is that i can't dismiss my devious follower, even as not following me she still has DFC dialogues like "do you have and devices?" or "About my Dept" and after time she adds dept again even when she isn't my follower anymore! and yes i selected the "Clear dept" with the dismissable option!:/ Devious Followers - Continued SE v2.10.1.
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