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  1. Great to hear progress is happening. The new quests sound good, and a REAL VOICE!!! Thanks for keeping us up to date.
  2. In my case, I have been able to get Velkar to start training on NPCs after Virgin, although it can be kind of hit-or-miss. Sometimes when Velkar is approached the dialog won't be there, but if I leave and return sometimes it will. I've just had to be persistent. And for the record, this is using only the LS version.
  3. Okay, will have to try that out, Thanks.
  4. Nope, definitely the JIP NVSE Plug-in. Unloaded JIP and started a new game with exactly the same stats my previous character had, everything worked. Added JIP, stopped working. Simple as that.
  5. The description of the mod says something about "no chance of failure" specifically so we can test the setup. Why would there be a cutoff based on SPECIAL points?
  6. Having precisely the same problem. Have SexoutNG 97, SmallerTalk and this one. Like enigma said, the dialogs are there, but the only response I get is "now is not the time"
  7. Been having the same problem occasionally, with both a male and female PC
  8. That's the visible effect of their armor spell, it will wear off a little bit after combat is over.
  9. How does following the quest markers solve the question of the scripted scenes hanging up? I followed the markers, as noted above in the later edits. I'd gone back to an earlier save, followed the markers, found the key, etc. Got to Old Hroldan, the sex scene played out, and then, when apparently Andrew is supposed to be outside getting attacked by Forsworn, he's standing in the inn. But I follow the quest marker and step outside, and another scripted scene takes over, walks my PC over near the group of Forsworn, and then everything stops. My PC just stands there, Andrew stands there, the
  10. Okay, that covers the key, but the other questions?
  11. Have run into a bit of a dead end. Finished the skooma quest, and the next one that came along was titled "Still More Treasure Hunting", which sent me to Soljund's Sinkhole. Came to a locked door (which going by the refID in the console came from this mod) with the quest marker pointing behind it. As I approached said door a new quest kicked in "Find the Butt Plug of Lust", which pointed me to Nilheim. Couldn't figure out how to get past the door, so I went on out and over to Nilheim, collected the BPoL, and that quest completed. The "Still More..." quest is still sitting there pointing t
  12. Playing with a female PC this time through, and have noticed a few seeming oddities that I'm wondering as to whether or not these are particular bugs in my system, or have others seen these particular issues. During a fair number of times that a slave trainee or a full-up slave is supposed to be doing oral on the PC, the scene goes the other way, with the PC performing on the slave. This has included some of the "bonding" scenes. As time has gone by traveling with Andrew and progressing through his stages, I've noticed that more and more often the "sex slave" voice/noises are being used
  13. Having the option to deselect Andrew's "singing cowboy" mode, similar to the "Slaves prefer to sing" checkbox in the MCM, would be greatly appreciated. His rather limited repertoire gets tiring after a bit of travel.
  14. The mod option of NPC sex conversations says that success depends on the NPC's arousal, but what arousal value is it looking for? Would there be a way to make it look for the arousal value from your own Arousal Redux for FG?
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