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  1. Stage 30. And, even if I manage to drag him to his workroom via moveto player, and manage to talk to him, I got the announcement to stand still and wait... Then he uses the ladder!
  2. Excuse me, I have a slight problem with Vanikseth. As typical, I got the license for 500 septims, then ask the steward to "make me an appointment" with Vanikseth in the inn, after that I go to the inn and talk to him, but after our conversation that rude mage just idles/sits on a bench. I was trying clicking on him, then going out of city and typing "moveto player", but again, after a conversation "I feel uneasy/Where are you leading me?" and another one about details, HE'S GOIN BACK TO INN. How can I make that annoying guy move in a proper direction (Vanikseth's Workroom near Saarthal)?
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