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  1. Use the default mechanics of LAPF, where Z key is used to cycle forward (Shift + Z = backward) through the animations list (in this group of animations, in case of LAPF, for example "From behind"), if there is any (more then 1 animation is group). Jump key (Spacebar in my case) is used to cycle forward (Shift + Jump key = backward) through the animation stages, this options (manual progression through the stages) needs to be set in LAPF setting first, through the LAPF configuration spell.
  2. is not possible, due to unviability the LoversMotionNT 1.9 pack. So you recommend to use base Lovers Creatures 2.0 Beta 1.2a pack from OP, with your better animations from Creatures Overhaul - Workshop and xLoversCreatureQuest.ini made from instruction to each creature. And to forget about LoversMotionNT 1.9, did i got it right?
  3. Guys, i need some help, kinda lost here... Again So the question is, what would be the best way (in terms of having most quantity of best quality animations with most stability and less bugs possible) to set my Lovers Creatures as for now? I guess it's to install the main pack of Lovers Creatures 2.0 Beta 1.2a and then, on top of it to install the completed creatures from here, overwriting the data from original package where needed (i guess this way i won't need LoversMotionNT 1.9 data at all)?
  4. LAPF pack from OP already have all the files presented in Growlf's skeleton (both version), so i guess that part of requirements is obsolete, as for now. ----- ----- Guess the description got me messed up, cause first it says Optional but Recommended, then VERY MUCH Recommended and only then, in the end, it says that Those installing Lovers for the first time will not need to do this and i'm not installing Lovers for the first time, i'm making a fresh install of it, with all the latest version, from the scratch. -----
  5. The latest (known to me) version of this wonderful mod LoversAdultYield 0.93b, configured through the .ini file to use English translations: LoversAdultYield 0.93b.omod LoversAdultYield 0.93b.7z
  6. Also was the pack updated somehow lately? I've got LAPF 1.6a1 + Spunk Textures mod created with the creation date of 02.05.2015. And that's what a forum says: But i doesn't see any updates to the version number or changelogs...
  7. May i know if those steps are still required? Do i still need to install Growlf's Universal skeleton and then install the downloaded from View File pack overwriting it? I've thought that required skeleton + additions to it were already in the pack, from somewhere around the times, when the 1st person camera was developed and implemented into the system, am i wrong? ----- What are the steps 4a & 4b required for? If those files are not needed anymore, why are they still presented in the pack? Will i decrease the list of available animation
  8. So it's ok to use core files from Nexus with this from Loverslab? I've thought joystick is a must to be able to use it with Lovers system, no? Sure, i've got Blockhead 11 and 4k, ty.
  9. Hey @LongDukDong, may i know if this work is still going on? I'm kind of returning to the game with the new powerful PC, checking if my favorite mods got updated and collecting data for a brand new installation. Right now making the .omod with this and that, should i add anything else to it?
  10. Loved that mod dearly, so glad it's got updated! ❤️
  11. Hey there @movomo i see that latest version of core plugin here is 1.46c while here it's still 1.46a. Should it get updated in here? Should i use the core plugin of 1.46c version? Or loverslab and nexus versions are different? ----- Do i need any additional files to use the latest version of SetBody Reloaded Blockhead Edition 1.46a + LoversJoystick 1.46 or just using the files for both SetBody Reloaded Blockhead Edition 1.46a and LoversJoystick 1.46 from this post is still enough?
  12. Hey there LongDukDong, nice to see that you're still working on making our favourite game better, through fixing & updating a bunch of adult mods that i like too. When i've played Bloodlines tweaked by Galgat( ) i've found that most of mod's content is locked to male sex of PC I wonder if you're able to remove this lock, to make it playable with female PC? Or to make all NPC that are added by this mod bisexual(don't know how this thing works )?
  13. I think i did, i'm following the LPK Extender thread, cause hoping that someone finaly will make it work as it intended. There were ablosutely awesome pre-sex foreplay stages(3 different) that made me fell in love with this mod(just check this out ): But the last time i've checked it was LPK Extender rev96 5, and sadly it wasn't working for me.
  14. Hey there, LongDukDong I don't have the game installed right now, and won't have it any time soon, but as i remember the main reason i've droped LPK Extender was that it was bugging out, if used with the latest LAPF, the option to manually switch position stages didn't worked anymore and the was only option of automatic progression. Which was definetely not my choise at all. Does your mod help to resolve that issue?
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