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  1. hey thanks i think ill give mo a try sounds like once its all set up its a lot simpler than vortex of which it loves to fuck me and my 200+ mods up
  2. i dont have mo, tried to a while ago and never got it to work, for loot i downloaded it once upon a time but i need to update it because its been like a year since i last updated it, i use vortex (not really a fan but its simple to use) never touched wrybash and frankly dont know what it is, xedit i havent touched but have heard of it, i do have getitemmenu. is there merit to having wrybash and xedit? will this make "equitable stocking" work? sorry if i seem like a noob ive had bad experiences with the more complicated aspects of modding and downloading tools to the point were ive had to re-download all 200+ mods i had in the past because i made a terrible error and couldn't figure out how i did it, to fix it. the most ive done is simple conversions with nif optimizer, bae extractor, creation kit. and animation conversion (forgot the tool name).
  3. great, thanks to the 2 people who responded, ill await eagerly for the things to download to make it work.
  4. overall functionality seems to be there, no bugs ive come aross there, the things im having problem is with being able to view the objects, piercings are invisible, nylons are invisible and dont work, i dont have sos pubic hair and that might be why i cant see pubic hair and its growth and i dont see armpit hair and its growth. this was played using a new game. i have been hiving quite a bit of fun with it otherwise. either these are bugs or im just incompetent and either cant read the direction properly or somehow messed up the instillation. any ideas for a fix would be great or if these are bugs ill be awaiting a update
  5. i dont know if this has already been asked about but. on kyne blessing se vertion i cant seem to get an event to work, no matter how much i change the settings nothing happens. when i manually infect my character it wont work but when i use additem's menu im able to put it on myself. any ideas? another question but this is just a minor annoyance more than anything and im not sure there is a fix, im annoyed as to how DD registers the lower face hugger as a chastity belt so if i have a key i can get rid of it that way. if you know of a way to fix that i would be greatful
  6. so i disabled all my mods and systematically enabled them and i found out that inflation framework was the culprit, thanks for your help, wouldnt have been able to figure out the direction i needed to take if you didnt make suggestions. so thanks for your help
  7. i reinstalled everything, all the requirements and and some of their requirements but nothing has worked. ill attach my load order.loadorder.txt
  8. ok im having a bit of trouble with the framework, the most recent version of JContainers causes ctd, and sexlab and aroused redux are not being recognized (all the most recent update). that being said i dont know if the interaction between the framework and the newest vertion of JContainers is why it ctd's. any ideas?
  9. new to the fallout 4 modding (used to mod my skyrim se) and this mod doesnt seem to work, i made it so i had a very high chance of pregnancy but nothing happened, i do have the mod RSEII reperductive system effects, and M.C.G and i know these may effect this, but i have all the other requirements and i cant seem to understand why it is not working below is my loadorder any ideas as to whats wrong loadorder.txt
  10. great mod! suggestion: since you have already done something with hypnotism i would suggest that you have a potential follower that starts out as a mentalist (someone who messes with people's mind) but where he says he will give you money if you resist his hypnotism (you win you get the money but that's the end) and if you loose you get hypnotized to do something and the people laugh. its interactive where you have options to chose from of which your player will act as in the hypnotized state. but since this would be your first time it is not as potent but since you loose you go back 1 or 2 times more and lose. after which he decides he can mess with you and condition you to accept more and more "interesting" things after he succeeds a little bit he tells you to come back regularly and you get progressively conditioned to do increasingly "interesting" things. in my mind the follow is similar to bruiser in the sense that you have the resource of resilience but it gets taken away the more things you do and the more training sessions to do.
  11. that might be likely because some mods dont run perfectly, the thing is i wouldnt know where to start in order to find that broken mod, thanks for bringing this problem to my attention
  12. the worse part i forgot to say is that. this happens with all games old and new
  13. so i have been having a problem and tried fixing it but nothing seems to work, my character doesn't drip at any aroused level, no squirting, and menu requires you to exit and re-enter when click on any options of visual arousal and below per option. "force start" option doesn't check/ work at all. any tips are welcome
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