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  1. I am looking for a Cow-like clothing I found before(or it's name at least), it was probably from a pack, it is similar to Milk Slave outfit from nexus, but it has udder too and is covering the whole body I think, it has a bell too, and well the horns. Not sure how to explain it's look further.
  2. Have anyone created the bodyslide version that will produce the meshes with TBBP support weights, talking about additional breast bone weight. I have added the weights but only for _1 body version, am not skilled to make proper bodyslide files that will work for both _0 and _1.
  3. Yea I do use sims 4 studio/blender, for editing clothes cc, to just replace lower body with eve body, as default legs are like noodles p: Ok that sounds simple just removing categories, was not expecting that, thanks! Will check your blog, I did find some time ago hair hiders, will LF more before I do my own @crabb
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    JD Jaber - Don't Wake Me Up GG Near - Living In A Rom Den Harrow - Mad Desire And non vocal like Hypnosis - Droid Cyber People - Doctor Faustus's
  5. Hi, wondering if it is possible to, preferably remove vanilla clothes and hairs makeup etc. In some easy way like script that disables loading them at all, or if not removing I guess prevent loading or appearing in random generated sims would be good too. And another question, if there is a way to apply makeup through all presets and sub presets (1 2 3 etc. of specific main preset) quicker.
  6. Hi, I have been able to swap out in Blender many of clothes I like, to eve lower body, but some have too many vertices, and seem to take endless to import back to s4 studio, one of ones I cannot do is this one https://www.simsdom.com/en/download/the-sims4/item/slayclassy-fringe-dress-109776 So request is to put eve lower body part on this P: Am not sure how this goes with any rules, as many content makers don't want their clothes reposted, apologizing in forward if I break some rule.
  7. dp16

    More traits

    http://modthesims.info/d/591706 In the download tab of the site, last download is GUI for adding and removing traits opposite to typing the code.
  8. What I meant with exporting is, will using older exported settings saves on newer version break the mod-game in some way-as in once you update the mod, can you use settings of previous version? Thanks for replying
  9. It was probably answered somewhere or I missed it on main page but, are there cases where we can keep exported settings file? (When updating*) And, latest file is named 1st august, and thread says updated few hours ago, is it wrongly named only?
  10. Hi, I am trying to edit meshes only in s4 studio, which I manage to do, but when I re save with imported edited mesh of an existing clothing mod, there are no RLE files in the .package file, there is geometry, and there is CAS Part (Swatches), and it works ingame, as long as original is also in game along with my modified package, as original has RLE files in itself that my package uses, but id want to have the RLE files too in the modified package that I save, I tried all options under CAS tab of ts4studio, it just never saves the RLE of original mod i am editing from. Edit: It is my bad, never read real tutorials, thought this should be something program does automatically or something, here is what helped me : http://sims4studio.com/thread/8046/packaging-standalone-cas-edit-studio
  11. I don't see info on the main page regarding Rape function in DCL, have not tried it yet as it is disabled by default, but does anyone know if I were to use it, what other mods should I disable? Other two mods related to rape I have are Deviously Helpless and Captures, mostly wondering regarding those two, as I don't see in them threesome chance option, and would not mind having two less mods if DCL can do the same (I know difference is probably other two do a few more things and differently etc.)
  12. dp16

    Full Body Sweat

    Can you, or someone else, change the category to other than face(usually is eyes), not sure which would be best, eyeliner or eyeshader I guess? Also, which one of two uploads is latest?
  13. Basically what I wrote in the title, I tried googling, but can't find anything. Also asking not only for custom mods, but for base game ones too, as I know some custom traits have bonus or mallus for specific careers.
  14. Am pretty fresh in playing-installing mods in sims 4, but I have few ideas and questions, I read that sims 3 was saving mods installed into registry, and then even when you uninstalled them they would sometimes slow the game still, that is, if you have weaker pc, wondering if similar is for TS4? (no idea how correct it is, random googling) Also, if anyone knows for sure, would clothing hair etc. cc's be able to make the simulation lag? My guess is not? Maybe just lag when switching outfit, entering library, and such. But would be great to know for sure. I too have simulation lag sometimes, and through some testing I am trying to see how it is related, 'cos sometimes there is none, and other times, is. My pc is really not strong, but it runs the game fine with a couple of expansions-game packs, that is, depending on which. I am thinking Get Together is giving me simulation lag, especially in the clubs, now, I have yet to test it: without Wicked Whims, or no other xpacks but Get together. Kinda rough conclusion is that script-like mods/expansions would cause sim lag, in different locations, just my speculations.
  15. Does DCL work with Prison overhaul Patched version? (POP named on its thread), was not recognized in my game, or maybe i need something additional with pop? kinda new in dd mods tho p: