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  1. Hi, does anyone know if a mod exists that would have some kind of system, that would be similar to break armor/undies maybe, so that it would allow the player to change outfits without having his inventory flooded, if one has many items. To put it simpler, say you have one item, and a specific spell or something would cause that item to cycle through upper body slot, or bottom, etc. I guess this might not be adult as the topic says, but it can be definitely, if one would use it in such way. I am clueless at oblivion scripting, but I know roughly how overall scripting languages go etc, and knowing some mods, I imagine it would not be too hard to make something like this? edit: to put it simple again, if you have 10 upper body outfits, if there was a way to put them all in one item, to have more inventory space, and then cycle through them by a spell or some other way. I know about cobl too.
  2. Yes I am aware one needs kf file with butt bone, that is why I edited pretty woman walk and animated those two bones, and I am using LAPF skeleton and its other mods too. Mesh rigger seems to be exactly what I wanted, thanks! I know lapf uses those bones, was just strange I did not find any other animation to utilize them in non sex animations, is why I went to make one myself, though I'm not really good at it but at least simple bounce is easy to do p:
  3. Hi, I had no idea about Oblivion modding until some week ago when I was surprised finding this site and some others, pleasantly ofc. I was wondering is there no animation sets, regular animations like walk fight etc. that utilize the butt bones, and not Op2-3 etc for the butt?I've edited pretty woman BBB walk and animated the butt bounce on foot step a bit, I will share it though not sure how quality it is, but some may find it useful. Another similar question is, is there a way to apply butt weights quickly to a outfit, maybe copying with niftools somehow? I Know parts can be copied, but I have no idea can it be done with weights and skin parts. Mostly wondering so one can apply butt weights to clothes a bit more quickly than in blender, though in blender it is not that slow in the end. Walkfastforward.kf