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  1. Final update (1.4) 1.4 is the final update of this. I'll delete it when it reaches 20000 downloads or maybe earlier. There were four requests that I didn't make (Bulma, Nyotengu, Nico Robin and Raven), I included eye mods for those four so you can make them yourself.
  2. Questions and answers I don't have Cosplaysimmer's stuff. Elizabeth is one of the few characters who don't have a tray file (like Kakashi, EDI etc.), but you can make it with the mods included.
  3. New update!!! New characters: Naruto - Konan My Hero Academia - Mirko Bleach - Riruka The King of Fighters - Mai Shiranui League of Legends - Evelynn, Jinx Mario - Peach Legend of Zelda - Zelda
  4. Try the same thing with update 1.2!! Updates are mostly separate.
  5. Someone else already had this happen to them, and they said that downloading the newest updates fixes it!! i don't think so, no. If you mean the few Bleach ones, I know! Thanks tho. You can just use different hairs for those.
  6. Next and final update (1.4) After this, I won't be making anymore sims. If you want, you can still request. To most of those whose requests I don't make, I'll make a separate file with those characters' eyes so you can make them yourselves. Screenshots from 1.3
  7. Questions and answers Midna doesn't have a specific hair or skin, the hair is in game, and the skin is a skin mod from the original upload. Look up how to put mods in the game and how to put sims from tray in the game. I don't have those anymore. See answer above. I don't have those, but Sakura has another hair in the original upload anyway, you can use that.
  8. New update!!! New characters: Marvel - Black Widow, Mystique, Storm, She-Hulk, Nebula, Gamora, Daredevil, Wolverine DC - Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Killer Frost, Starfire
  9. Darth Talon's skin is in hats, like the Twi'lek hat.
  10. Hi! A few characters from that image (like Kakashi, or Midna for example) are not in there as sims, but their files are in there, so you are able to make them easily!
  11. Sakura uses cosplaysimmer's hair, it's in the description. You can use her other Shippuden hair that's in the files (or you can easily find it by searching for it, if you don't have it). I'll fix this Tsunade thing as well. I'll look into that next update.
  12. Remove the 'Collumn' Item in the 'm' folder. It's the mod I use to have 3 rows of cas.
  13. I might reorganise in the next updates, thanks for the tip. Until then, the quickest way to have only Mei, is downloading the files and tray, then only keeping the Mei cc, then going in game and creating a new family, replace it with the one Mei's in from the gallery, then delete everyone else who isn't Mei. They could be in another update!! I don't know these characters, but Shiranui Mai is more likely to be.
  14. Questions and answers Done!! Mercy's in the new update!! Mei is in the new update! Knock tongue from Salarmoj for the Naruto ones I think, and various blowjob ones including AP blowjob animation on 3 seat couch from Amra72 D.va, Widowmaker and Rias Gremory are in the new update!! I gotta refuse this one, but thanks for the request anyway. I'll probably make the folders better in the final update. See answer above. Nami's in the new update!!
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