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    I enjoy drawing, reading, and watching tv series and movies. I'm also into playing The Sims 4 and I've just discovered wicked whims.
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    Hmm... not much. I'm just your average gay geek who's into equally geeky things. In addition to my New Tumbl page at https://jasesims.newtumbl.com/ I also have a Tumblr page at https://jasesims.tumblr.com too.

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  1. Okay, one more post for today… It’s not as spicy as my usual screenshots. But I really love the clothes included with the Incheon Arrivals kit and gave my simself and his boyfriend, Akira Kibo, makeovers. To make it a little bit more interesting, I included a few pictures of Akira getting flirty in the hot tub. 🥵💦
  2. Great screenshots! 🤩 I would've liked them, but I'm at my like limit right and will have to comeback to like them. Here's pictures of what might be the best sim twins that I've ever created, Jash and Zayan Ahuja. Hot doesn't begin to describe them. 🥵🥵💦 I did loose track of who was who in the green tiled bathroom though (whoops!). LOL
  3. Great screenshots, everyone!! 😍 Here’s some pictures of my newest sim, Dae-Hyun Jeong and I might have a big sim crush on him. He’s so hawt!! 🥵
  4. In my current save, my simself is using a dating/hookup app mod (SimDa) combined with WW. So, he’s been having a very naughty time with as many cute guys as possible. 😈
  5. Sorry, for just lurking recently… I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve shared any screenshots with you all in this thread. So, here’s some of my favorite sims, Ash and Rory, enjoying a “workout”. If you like them, I’ll share more of them. 😁
  6. Great work! I came just for Mr France, but I’m going to install them all! 🥰
  7. I haven’t seen much activity from Simdulgence on newTumbl, but he’s posted a lot of new stuff on this site. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/22943200
  8. @Jerry1984 Wow!! Those water fall pics are so hawt!! 🥵 Especially those 7th, 8th, and 9th pictures. I might need to take a cold shower. lol
  9. Great screenshots, everyone!! 🤩 While I can’t take credit for sim in my new save, I thought the pics might be nice enough to share. Brodie just moved to Newcrest and was welcomed by his neighbor, Serena. They hit it off really well and Brodie discovered that she had a little bit more to offer than the usual girl. He didn’t mind, it turned him on even more, and he just went with the flow.
  10. @DBrody76 Wow!! Another super sexy sim hunk! 😍 @AllRosenrot Aww.. He’s super adorable! 🥰 Hopefully, it’s not too weird to share to screenshots of my simself. I just moved him into a new apartment and his first visitor was my own creation, Blake Bailey. They hit it off pretty well, Blake suggested sex, and my simself was ready. lol 😂
  11. Beautiful sims and screenshots as always, everyone!! 🥰 No surprise, I have more Ash and Rory pictures. I don’t have any pictures leading up to the main event because, they started autonomously on their own. I didn’t notice until I got the game notification… But I did take over and had them finish upstairs in the bed. Afterwards, I had them clean up and Rory wouldn’t leave Ash alone in the bath tub. 😆
  12. @AllRosenrot Omg… Angelo is one sexy, bad boy sim! 😍 Normally, I don’t play Maxis made sims; however, I’ve always enjoyed Chuck Cenzo from the gallery (I forgot which guru account I got him from. I think he’s fun to play and just so freaking adorable. Since Chuck and his girlfriend didn’t get any love in the adult goodies thread, I thought I would share a few solo screenshots in this thread instead. I thought he looked extra cute with his new tan lines (even though it puts a weird line on his ding a ling). 😂
  13. I don’t normally play straight sims that often, but Chuck Cenzo is my favorite Maxis sim. Based on her description, it just makes sense to pair him up with the other Maxis gallery sim, Maya. 🥰
  14. @Jeleme45 Wow! Wow! Wow! Those sims are hot and I'm really impressed with @Khlas's animations. 😍
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