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  1. That's why I google this problem and find out the best way is just put that right below the esm files instead of keep resorting my load order with LOOT XwX
  2. And that's what happened when you put in that order "Not using BV scripts. Global variable=666" ScreenShot0.bmp
  3. Yes, I use the LOOT and it did nothing, it just put the "RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp" right below the "Better Vampires.esp"
  4. Hello, I just want to ask if the Better Vampires still support the yiffy age? I ususally play as breton vampire with my lovely Better Vampires 8.0 and the yiffy age 4.0 that worked pretty well and didin't get any problems But now, when I use Batter Vampires 8.3 and your newest yiffy age, the BV seems stop working 😧 You can't turn into the vampire normally but still you can do that with alternat start. But after becomes as a vampire, there's no feeding animation and the status always say "please feed to update", I do try to fix it by using the old version of BV, it kinda work
  5. Well, I do as you said back up and place both of them into the AFF folder, but it seems my vulpine still can't be worked. Any ideas to fix this issue?😫
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