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  1. I will keep updating this when I feel i have time
  2. I decided to convert a pussy mesh into a sims 3 body it took me 2 months to work on and now its finally here http://www.mediafire.com/file/hj24itd2h7cl8b7/Pussymesh.sims3pack/file I dont own the Medbod 1.9 I will take it down if any problems occur. The verts are 1050 and faces are 1752
  3. Im replying on again even tho its been a few months I was working on the bunny mesh again but I dont know how I am suppose to UV this if the mesh is like this
  4. I wanna learn how to make animations for sims 3 since I heard there isn't a lot of animators also I wanna experiment.
  5. Thank you everyone for ur help I found a way to force the legs like sims 3 I had to force T-pose it and its now testable I know this is late but I started something small by texturing 1st then meshing baking clothes and now I know how to UV map Im sorry if this is so late and too much for you both. @LadySmoks @Non-sequitur
  6. I gave up on this and started something simple now I did a 3d pussy but now its streaching ingame and I need to color it and fix it @LadySmoks @Non-sequitur
  7. I'm using Blender 2.80 but I don't know how to scale the legs I'm trying to make the legs go into the feet I looked up tutorials and none are on MTS or tumblr.
  8. Sorry that I didn't reply I had personal issues going on but the UV map I'm going to post but it's werid its not regular like a normal sims 3 body UV
  9. I have is a issue though on do I delete other games legs and replace it with EA legs? I understand that I'm supposed to start out small then go big but I wanna know so I can retry in the future right now I am learning how to recolor channel and UV.
  10. I'm up for any challenging process it might take a few tries but I'll make it work @LadySmoks
  11. I used plunge swimsuit but when I autotoolkit it the mesh only had 35 bones what am I doing wrong?
  12. Thank you for your up lifting words and generosity I appreciate the help that you and @landess and @Non-sequitur along with @JoshQ have done for me thank you so much!
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