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  1. @junkacc I can verify that's the bab body texture. It's a wreck.
  2. There's a secretary type outfit here. Not really any pictures of it though?
  3. It's a dress by Krista that's had the actual dress part removed and replaced with the HGEC body. I think that dress might be in Apachii's store? Not totally positive though. I know a TGND variant is in Nessa's store, but I don't know where she got it.
  4. It's from this thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/1050-my-stuff/
  5. No. It isn't female only. There is a male version. I did actually have it at one time, but I'm not sure what happened to the file. It's mentioned here, with a link to Chakaru's blog, and some of her image posts on Nexus showed the same thing. It's just vanished.
  6. Anyone have a link to the male version of Belphe's Traveling Gear? I've looked all around and have not found one. The download link on Chakaru's blog links to a female only version, Room's blog links to her blog, and her 4shared doesn't allow you to see what's in her folder, so I can't find a link that way either. Is there something I missed?
  7. I don't know of a DMRA conversion, but I'm pretty sure you're talking about this mod.
  8. Just used those settings on top of the update. Ran out of memory. Here's the log. Whatever my settings were in the last config I posted were the settings that actually for a lattice gen. But obviously not clothing. *sigh* make_lattice_log.7z
  9. In the latest version of the lattice maker, for me anyway, sunken ones are inactive. And here's the logs. save.7z
  10. I meant standard in that in wasn't anything special, just HGEC, not Guts, or ZKEC, or any of the other numerous derivatives. I didn't enable minimal lattice. I guess I'll try that next and see. Otherwise I guess I'll be downloading 64bit python and using the lite version and hoping it works. Edit: Looks like minimal lattice was enabled, as well as high resolution search. Dropped search from 30 to 20, and it's still running out of memory. I got confused by the interface apparently and thought sunken buttons were active ones like they are in the other converter. Working now. Sorry. E
  11. I can't generate a standard HGEC to TGND lattice with update 33 without the portable version running out of memory.
  12. I keep trashing the lattices because I haven't seen one give me really good results yet. But thanks to your tips, I was able to successfully merge a body so that the program can actually read it without getting errors. I haven't done anything to modify the outfits in any way. I've just stuck them in the converting folder. For this last attempt at the dress I used a target of 30, and a search distance of 30. The result looks basically the same, only the wrists clip more and are more malformed. I'd noticed the weird wrist thing before, but I didn't really think about it. TGND does have small
  13. I've been trying to convert various HGEC things to TGND. I've had success with some things.. though not full body things. I might be doing something wrong there. I've been trying to mash the correct tops and bottoms together in nifscope. Even when all the correct nodes are there I get errors. This is my latest thing that actually worked. The conversion is nice, and really smooth, apart from those straps. I wish I knew how to use blender. I'm pretty sure that would be a really simple fix if I could. Edit: Using the same settings, I tried to convert a dress from B-cup HGEC to TGND. Th
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