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  1. Is there any config file can slow down camera movement/rotate speed? It's just too fast
  2. oh holy thats confusing af for non native english speaker. can u explain what did he do?
  3. how do you save pose? can you do step by step guide?
  4. ugh there is over 3000 file. i did not put them there. is it duplicating autolink mods into this folder or what?
  5. So i have this folder on my doa5lr main folder. D:\STEAM\steamapps\common\Dead or Alive 5 Last Round\mods This folder has bunch of stuff. I aint put them there. Is it duplicating autolink mod files or what? Should i delete them? It seems they reappear. Why it's there? Ping me.
  6. Share it please. Can you change funny bunny mods looks like xathu? like removing some parts and make clothes transparent?
  7. where is this from? share if someone has it
  8. Is this it? Holy sh*t. This is best news i've ever heard. Holden is working on BP6!!! WOOHOO BEST NEWS I'VE EVER HEARD ON 2019!
  9. is these mods already on your deviantart? do you post anything other than da mods? im trying to find this https://www.deviantart.com/funnybunny666/art/Helena-Bike-Shorts-823135256 Part of a mod request, you can download the whole modpack with 11 variations here in my LL thread. www.loverslab.com/topic/66650-… where is it?
  10. MAI_NEW_Nobush - HDMbody is causing infinite loading and seems it has neck seam. How did you change body to HDM? When i try to change it i get this error. Seems i don't have Mai NORMAL body that compatible with current mod. I only have Mai_DOAHDM from Holden abc reference. Can you share your Mai reference? Here is neck seam
  11. Color is still blue. I wanted to make it blue and use DOAHDM body as a base and then make it for kasumi. Can you do that?
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