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  1. Additional files for Autolink

    plssss help mods files not work?
  2. Latest doa5lr.dat

    Can someone tell me what it is? And how to use it?
  3. Additional files for Autolink

    I sent you a message with the whole bunch of words I have, hope u'll read it and help me Tks bro!!!
  4. Additional files for Autolink

    How ? i mean "Disappear" , like i said my engs very sad , may be i dont understand what u means about...bla bla "disappear" bla bla "disappear"... now lol.............. ok i'll find one way to send for u a message haha
  5. Additional files for Autolink

    and pls tell me sort order to set up for this game pls, like "main game - DLC - fix setting - autolink - beach paradise - ..........." somethings like that plsssssssss bro im very confused now haha
  6. Additional files for Autolink

    wow haha!!! Ya when i add Beach Paradise into my game's folder and start the game so always has error with "mods" folder and nothing change, u know! i dont know what to do then i delete all the folders and files related to "mods" folder cuz its too big and useless hahaha
  7. Additional files for Autolink

    I'm newbie and i love this game, the girls.Sooooo.... exactly what should I do? i see 2 folders, doa 0.3.10 and 0.3.9 when i extract this archives, somethings wrong ? And pls explain the effect of these things. Thanks!!! And......forgive me, my english too bad....