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  1. So the variants are not for Skyrim SE or CBBE body? I found some files in the mod folder containing the 4 files, but perhaps they can't be used by the game. Also when I try to craft the thong. only one variant comes up (slot 61).
  2. Are you still working on this? Would love to see a futa milker device (considering the outfit in the actual milk mod is straight up broken). Also I'm a total idiot when it comes to mods, so can you tell me where I can find the futa thong variants in-game?
  3. Idk if this is where I should ask this, but does anyone that is using or has used the “Dungeons and Deviousness” mod list on Wabbajack know if it has any futanari-related content?
  4. Gotta take the hard route man. I wouldn't trust anyone with your pc. First you're gonna have to learn to use vortex and all the basics of installing mods etc. Then you'll have the learn a little bit about the mods as well (what they are compatible with etc.). It's a real pain since I started off the same as you but once you mess around with it enough, it actually becomes pretty easy to install and manage mods.
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