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  1. 1.9.2 10AUG20 Bug Fixes: Fixed the culture in the Xalyth dynasty. Removal of an unused artifact effect in the artifacts event file. Minor text fixes. Fixes to the Challenges file preventing certain events from happening.
  2. Note that even with the updated version Ed86 posted above me, you're going to run into problems. Specifically, sex need never increases unless you masturbate. A bit of a downer since I really like the serums, but having permanently horny colonists isn't fun (for me, anyway).
  3. 2.6 06AUG20 New Additions: The Spurned Sister will now grant her consort a yearly stipend of gold and slaves. Enhancements: Rise of House Irae is now default in the game rules. Rewrite the Child of Irae gamerule localisation. Kekvit, Freya, and Belladonna will now leave societies on a yearly pulse. Historical characters have now given appropriate flags. It's August again, so the mean time to happen for Kekvit's Birthday Surprise has been cut down to half. Kekvit's Birthday/Christmas/Hannukah Surprise has once again been tied to real life months instead of in-game months. The narrative event window now uses the Luxuria Fantasia layout. The Spurned Sister will no longer invite Kings or Emperors to her court. You're on your own for this one. Troops from the Hire Slavers boon increased by 250 pikemen and 250 light cavalry, and can now reinforce. In return, they are now more expensive in maintenance and can only be hired once per lifetime, and disband upon succession. Bug Fixes: Although it is kinda amusing imagining The Spurned Sister as a drider, anyone with the houseirae_matron_mother hidden trait will no longer be able to perform rituals. The Dark Whispers will no longer target landless or head of religion titles.
  4. Same as normal. Pick a human, start game with Dark Elven Start, wait one day for the racial events
  5. Taken straight from the gamerule loc file. Random Ruler Upon death, you will be reincarnated... somewhere else. Gender Bender Every 10 years, your sex will change. Luciferium The Cannibal trait will be given to you for free. Consume or die. Opposite Day Every 10 years, your traits will change to their opposites. Bad Genetics You and your brood are cursed with a horrific hereditary affliction.
  6. 1.9.1 04AUG20 Enhancements: Random Ruler Challenge will now disable elven immortality. Children with the Luciferium addiction will not worsen until adulthood. Bug Fixes: Minor typos in localisation and event files.
  7. 1.9 03AUG20 New Additions: New game rules for Challenges. TEST YOUR MIGHT! Bug Fixes: Fixed typos in multiple decisions. Fixed a missing option in the Options Menu.
  8. 1.8.6 30JUL20 Part Deux New Additions: Holy War CB for Reformed Custom Religion. Credit: Hoerks on LL
  9. Look at the title of the event. If it says LF - Hunted then it's LF and you should continue reporting the bug. If it's Hunted then it's caused by Dark World Reborn and LF's hunted events are working as designed.
  10. 1.8.5 30JUL20 Enhancements: Most sexy things involving dragons and dragon eggs are now restricted to independent rulers if they are AI.
  11. When you reform, you are now at the mercy of the doctrines and natures you picked. If you choose Peaceful, you're going to have a bad time if you want to be warlike.
  12. 1.8.4 27JUL20 Bug Fixes: Fixed a typo in the on_actions file. Fixed a typo in the Heaven & Hell scripted_effects file. Using the futa power from the Society of Seduction as a futa will now correctly allow you to remove the trait. Fixed elves never growing bored.
  13. The Family Generation game rule supercedes your on_startup event. Instead of making it an on_yearly_pulse, you can do the on_startup as normal, but link it to a second event that fires a day later. immediate = { character_event = { id = whatwhatinthebuttbutt.2 days = 1 } } This second event will do what you want it to do.
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