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  1. I've never actually experimented with major and major_trigger but I assume it would be the same as a normal event where ROOT gets the event first while everyone else gets it second. I'm assuming that the event fires individually for each person defined in the major_trigger
  2. Neither were mine, and neither I really had any interest in continuing to support.
  3. Updating mods will very likely require a new game, especially if they add or remove traits. New or removed traits messes up save games.
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot there was kidnapping. In any case, I'm not working on it because I removed it in the SFW version, and that's the version I'm using moving forward.
  5. That's hardcoded, I'm afraid. I can create custom nicknames, but I cant do anything about the nickname being overwritten by another.
  6. That's amusing, but actually pretty normal behavior for doomstacks. The AI is... less than competent.
  7. Also, apologies on the lack of updates lately. I've been collaborating with Roll1d2Games on his Dungeon Master mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2202847461
  8. 1.10.1 31AUG20 Enhancements: Joseph nerfed. Bug Fixes: Revamped the Random Ruler Challenge to be less buggy. Fixed most events that relied on is_save_game. Minor text fixes.
  9. I'll look into the first problem. The second problem is classic Paradox fuckery. You're using a Ruler Designer character, and because Paradox hasn't fixed that DLC in years, both you and the ruler you replaced are both considered the player on the first day. That's why you get two popup events. Don't worry, everything goes back to normal on day 2.
  10. I won't have an answer to this until I get my hands on CK3.
  11. Also, because I'm a fucking idiot and forgot to include it in the changelog... New Additions: Commanders will now be able to level up based on how many major battles they win.
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