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  1. Papa bless you Grumm. I looked all over for 3bbb (3ba) bodyslide files for devious devices and this is the singular result that covers CBBE body rather than UNP. My 2 current characters (and likely future characters) are tied to version 5 of DD due to mod dependencies, but the devices currently have no physics enabled and just float in air whenever the character moves which is super unimmersive. Following this thread and eagerly awaiting your update for version 5.
  2. This is incredible! Thanks Zaz, Leito, Vioxsis and TheBottomhoodofSteel for all your hard work! There's loads of untapped potential in fallout 4 and it's great to see innovation happening even this far into its life cycle. Personally, I adore FO4. Love it or hate it though, it's what we all got when it comes to a heavily modifiable Bethesda sandbox on their most recent iteration of their Creation engine. With fallout 76 being online and TESVI only recently entering into production, people skipping over FO4 are gonna be in a pretty long drought waiting for their next itera
  3. Wow. Came here to say the same thing almost word for word Salman. I think what makes this place special is that we all share at least 3 interests (gaming, modding and adult game content) and we're allowed to explore taboo subjects mostly without judgement. A lot of places in the world steer clear of talking about anything related from sex even well into adulthood. Repression isn't healthy and there's only so much self reflection you can do without talking to others. Humans are as social as any other beast found in nature and we require socialization with others to reach our t
  4. This will be an instant download for me! Top notch modeling!
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