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  1. Scorpio- Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think what Pedro is trying to say is that they used to use the menstrual cycle option for their sim/s for getting pregnant. They never once got pregnant and a fertility test showed their chances of getting pregnant at 0%. So, frustrated and maybe a bit bit bummed that their preferred method wasn't working out, they put it the pregnancy option to simple. However, every time their sim/s would have sex, they would get pregnant. Without trying much. So, Pedro checked and for some reason the pregnancy chance for both sims was at 100%. So Pedro changed the
  2. I created a random sim and turned her. Tested it a touch. Spoiler is to show what happened. But I guess if that's not what you mean, sorry I couldn't help you.
  3. @Azukas Veil @CorruptGenie @ChaosCircle @GhostofLucrezia @CProd @randy_m42
  4. Yeah, I'm adding this....😉 I have been enjoying these guys lately. (And when I say lately, I mean last couple years at least.) @Mr. Otaku I had intended to leave after posting, but ended up staying to listen to the entire song. Entire soundtrack is great. 😊
  5. I have never tested it on my own personal sim, however, out of curiosity, I made one of her roommates into a doll back when I first re-started playing her. So I just loaded up my game to have a look. When I changed said roommate into a doll, there was no "Return to Human Form" option, as far as I can remember. Turns out that option was added in a more recent update. Anywho, if talking about the porcelain doll option, shift-click on said sim and look for "Porcelain Doll". Like I said, though, I haven't tried it on a played Sim. You could always try it and just make sure you save before t
  6. Haha, thanks, Yeah, I noticed a lot of areas are kind of stagnant and some areas didn't have any replies for a few months, but I thought fuck it, why not. Yes, I swear, though admittedly less in typing... people who first meet me in RL don't expect it at first. Must be the innocent looking face.
  7. I read the first page and the OP didn't share anything at the time. When going through this last page, I noticed all the videos, but assumed people were posting just because they wanted to... my bad... But since you want something... 😉 Finding one song to share out of all I listen to would be extremely difficult. So I'll share a band that came from where I live. Royal Tusk. I honestly didn't realize these guys were from here until they said so during their performance... 😅 I just knew I really wanted to see them. Great music made the shitty rainy day much better. (Except Manson... so
  8. It was suggested I say "hi" here, so here I am...
  9. Between Milwaukee and Chicago. So, basically near the southern border of Wisconsin, I guess...lol "...and they'd very often give back some mixture in both US and Canadian." Even when receiving US cash, I've never actually given back any change in USD. Only happened a handful of times as well. We (as far as I know) usually just have CAD in our tills... haha...🤷‍♀️ But perhaps part of the reason is that a lot of people use either debit or credit now. "some parts of it have things we would never call "roads"" Ice roads....? "more prone to that "eh?" thing" I use "e
  10. My younger brother passed last year in January at 26. He and 3 (nearly 4) others died in a 10-person accident. Great start to a shitastic year. Some days are great, some are simply bearable and some are just a mess. Even a year later. I think I still take it so hard because I was upset with him for not spending Christmas (2019) with us, and then the morning he died, I was talking about him at work. How I didn't understand how he'd live a better life if he stopped letting people take advantage of him and walk all over him, how he needed to stop being so loyal to his shitty boss who had issues p
  11. I call myself the same. My father was Polish, Ukrainian, Irish and French. My mother is Russian (though my grandfather never spoke-it was German) and English. I have lived in Alberta all my life. When I went to a wedding in Wisconsin couple years back, I was seriously asked if there was a culture shock. Heck no... It's pretty damn similar lol There are a few differences, but nothing substantial. I didn't even hear an accent from them. Also, we straight up learn about the US in school... lol (country, politics, economy, colonization, Industrial Revolution, civil war, Underground Railroad,
  12. This is mine https://www.zedge.net/ringtone/2bd6ec1d-2de9-4aec-bcd3-d72db03f288d And for a few special nerds https://www.zedge.net/ringtone/63b4b229-a836-3e20-a5d5-4baf823be0d5 https://www.zedge.net/ringtone/bb648a57-5ca6-31f1-bbfb-90974478244e https://www.zedge.net/ringtone/4dd68ef7-c78f-4833-9f76-e8ae32cc7e6d https://www.zedge.net/ringtone/5eddc11e-a653-307f-972a-1cc687239d86
  13. I don't really have a specific favourite, but here are some I enjoyed. Inuyasha FairyTail One Piece (Not lately though as I got kind of bored of like 3 attacks and that's an episode. Started reading it instead) Nana (I appreciated how life-like it was. In the case of choices some would make in life.) Yona of the Dawn (Unfortunate it doesn't seem to be continuing, though the manga definitely has.) Rising of the Shield Hero Demon Slayer Fruits Basket 2019 (This version is actually doing more of the story...) Is It Wrong to Try to Pickup Girls in a Dungeon? DN Angel Blue
  14. I listen to mostly rock and sub-genres. (alternative, nu, classic, indie, etc.) Here and there, however, I throw in some country, rap, hip hop, folk, pop, electronic, oldies and international (Like Korean, Japanese and German). Didn't really figure out my own personal taste until at least pre-teen. Grew up with Christians on a farm, so it was mostly gospel and country. I did know, however, that I did not like boy/girl groups (90's stuff-Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, N'Sync, etc). At sleepovers or school when girls talked them, I had zero opinion. Didn't care to listen. I am more open to them n
  15. I am Canadian. From the Canadian Texas. For ancestry, it's damn near all over bloody Europe... (not really, but there's six.)
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