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  1. Never found a solution for that, you have a file in the Date folder named 01 someinstalled hair, eg 01 KS Hair Defaults in that is SKSE/Plugins/ypsFashion/ypsHairDefault.json maybe you can edit that. For me, I am patient until I am in Whiterun and then pick my hair after getting Shampoo or Hairband.
  2. Issue with Force Greet resolved. Works now like a breeze! Thank you!
  3. Tried some time now but I cannot get better debug message. Either Skyrim.esm or no crosshair ref But for your recommendation, Activated the toll evasion. Set detection Distance to 0. Stopped the quests, _SLS_CurfewQuest & _SLS_CurfewGuardAliases and no harrassment anymore. All quiet on the Whiterun Frontier
  4. Curfew disabled, getting spammed by guards and others. Setup: Loaded SLS, loaded preset, all licenses disabled. Activated Licenses, disabled all licenses on page 2 , disabled licenses again. Getting messages about toll and curfew. Then entering bathroom under bannered mare, leaving into bannered mare, sinmir force greets.
  5. Do you have it set for active or passive solicitation or both? Default is active meaning you have to talk to potential clients. If it is set to passive you should see a message like "looking for client" appearing.
  6. I have no SE so I cannot confirm or decline. You can try, that is why the zip gives you the option for easy roll back
  7. you can just use the zip file so you can roll back, otherwise you could replace the original files with mine.
  8. This is my suggestion for an Arousal Integration to RP Gigolo. All of them focus on SLSO and SexLab Aroused. one, there is checks for the Client Arousal, and if too low, it will be adjusted. This happens in the start of the SexLab Scene so this should work for active and passive. two, there is a new modificator for the Client chance process. It is something like arousal as modification factor. The clients Arousal will give from 0.5 to 1.5 modification to passive client finding. three, there are two roadblocks, any client that raped the prostitute will have to abstain from
  9. That is only to make my favourite Breton Girl more adorable :) just changes some settings on the Actor.
  10. I stumbled over it while modding Radiant Prostitution. This is a client that is picked at random. I am checking the Exposure and was baffled during testing. While in SLSO Sex the client had no Arousal despite me setting the Exposure. After some digging in the dark I opened the PuppetMaster and saw this was odd. And even with 99 Exposure one cannot beat -1xx from the negative time of orgasm. I am not aware of Game Time Changing apart from Sexlab Adventures that uses the Sleep for events or POP. Attaching Load Order. I reverted back to SexlabAroused 2.8 and the issue is gone.
  11. Not sure whether I am doing something wrong, but I encountered a situation where the "Days since last orgasm" were negative. This has a detrimental effect on the Arousal as the Exposure cannot always compensate. Also "Days since last orgasm" has to be positive, otherwise it would be the future. If this was reported already my apologies for wasting time.
  12. Thank you. I was not precise. Even so the Target is the clients Arousal my intention is to manipulate the Exposure Value, which factors into Arousal. And as I learned now, how to use the slaFrameworkScr Functions, I can rework my Suggestion.
  13. if I understand it correctly there is a Refractory Magic Effect with 36 Minutes timer for satisfied and 12 minutes for dissatisfied. And yes, the mod keeps track of the last client and omits that from the clients. That is the plan, the char is a pro and it is about money. I was thinking something like a day or 6 hours until the condition is invalid. Will do that, thanks. RP calculates with a basechance and then uses multipliers on that to arrive at a int approachChance = baseChance As Int it does not sound too tricky, to test and tune will be h
  14. I just had an additional idea while digging around, there is actually a function in Sexlab: ;/* LastSexPartner * * Find the last sex partner for a given actor * * with this it should be possible to avoid at least an immediate approach by a rapist for the Prostitute. Meaning if the LastSexPartner of the Client was the Prostitute he/she was either a client before, then there should be the waiting timeout anyways, or there was another incident (for example rape) triggering a sexlab scene. Even better: ;/* WasVictimOf * * Very simil
  15. ok, point taken. That would be Actor Function GetClient() in mf_SolicitPlayerMainScript I think. There the approach chance is calculated. I will check whether Arousal could be factored in.
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