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  1. @NIND (jimmyyu) has anyone requested Nezzar's Ult Lingerie Collection 2.0 yet? If not, then I am https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/106479?tab=files Rektas' got an SE conversion on this site. They've more or less given permission to back port in their comment thread if that's easier than a conversion
  2. @kziitd In your next update, could you make tape hand wraps that use the glove equipment slot? Basically, turn the duct tape part of these restrains into gloves: I checked with bodyslide. The parts I circled have their own nif files, so you could just start with those. You'll probably need to clean up the models a bit at the wrist, but like 90% of the work is already done
  3. Got a question for you.  You know how digitigrade and plantigrade beat feet mods tend to not play nice with pretty much any shoe that has exposed skin (most notably high heels)?  How hard would it be to take the foot meshes and textures from beast feet mods and make plantigrade "boots" and digitigrade "heels?"  Your character model would have the regular human shaped feet, so it wouldn't mess with heels and similar shoes.  Then when you want to go bear foot, you just put on the boots.


    Biggest problem I can see with this approach is getting the boots to match your character's skin tone.  I've seen wig mods that change color based on race menu hair color settings, so I know it's possible.  And of course, mods that add armor for digitigrade feet wouldn't work, but that could be fixed by adding a patch that changes the armor slot.  Hell, you could make the plantigrade boots a different armor slot.  Digitigrade heels would still have to use the shoe slot, since you'll probably be using HDT heel system

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