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    Metal / Gothic Music and many others ask me wathever you want.
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  1. hi it is possible that the mod didnt work with combinated atomic lust? so i can talk and than no animation only an text will come and thats it.
  2. hey guys is it possible to make an nightar support its a main race in starbound FU ?
  3. Krovos

    [mod] Sexbound

    yep but my question was why it work it before ? and now dosnt work it anymore^^
  4. Krovos

    [mod] Sexbound

    Hello Guys is it normal to cant have sex with the cremembers? after Patch 2.7 and newer its dosnt work anymore all waht it says is obstructet.. im the only one with that problem?
  5. Krovos

    [mod] Sexbound

    @DrakeWk same question i had a long Time i think its to complicated to make a mod for this?
  6. take you time alastor we have all ah privat life so thanks for your works on the races ?
  7. Im Swiss and by a long time in the past living in austria
  8. Thanks for that information and for your works =)
  9. cant you set this in the game options under sfx or so it was called?^^
  10. I also like to wait but i have the fear that the new api will wait longer if it does not make too big circumstances it would be great ? otherwise i can also wait ?
  11. il only hope for the Ningen Race so most others i had it at the moment . Need chesterpiece some support ? So Donation or so?
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