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  1. Are you already feeling better? I no longer planned to appear around here, but I decided that I still need to bring some clarity into the issue of the virus. I sent the DInput8.dll file to the Kaspersky Lab for analysis. Initially, they confirmed that the file was infected with a Trojan virus. But an hour ago I received a message from virus specialist, which states that this was a false positive and the file can in fact be safely used. All.
  2. Unreasonable? Go to hell with your forum! I would like to look at you when you spend three evenings on the forum, trying at least from someone to get an answer to the question and receiving in response only replicas from Mr. Ice19 and the second (Bd0). Anyone in such a situation may have a suspicion that there is at least one healthy person! I was already ready to call everyone here what they really are in most of them are, but answer of Wisky kept me from it.
  3. Who and in what I unreasonably accused? Point with your finger, whom and in what do I blame in this message? Or I need to ask you for permission before reporting an antivirus message?
  4. It's good, if so. But I see in the list of antiviruses that gave a negative result and AV Kaspersky. But on my computer he says the exact opposite. It does not fit well together. I do not understand this.
  5. Thank you, I read it completely. There is nothing new here, except that this story continues from 2016 onwards. And in this regard, I am surprised that if it was false alarm, why does AV Kaspersky still recognize in this file the Trojan virus? After all, the site says that all cases of false alarms are taken into account and in the future the antivirus does not respond to them?
  6. Откуда у вас эти сведения? Where did you get this information?
  7. Thank you, one more normal person was found.
  8. Based on what I read about TeamNinja, they are more likely to help those who hack their programs. And you want to say that hackers are the color of your nation and they can never be suspected of anything? This is ridiculous. And I agree, let's hear both sides and ask those who wrote this program, let them tell what block in their program causes suspicion of the antivirus and what it actually does. In any case, I'm not accusing anyone of anything. I just told you about my antivirus message, and you make your own conclusions.
  9. Of the 100,000 files that are on my computer, Kaspersky detected the virus only in this dll. This is not consistent with what you write. And I was convinced of the effectiveness of this antivirus when, at the end of last year, he relieved me of the advertising virus, which every 10 minutes run the Internet Explorer. McAfee could do nothing with this virus, and Kaspersky coped with it very quickly. And what proof do you need? Wait until your Trump appears on TV and tells about the virus in Autolink. Or check it yourself.
  10. Xiayuo

    [DOA5LR] "What mod is this?"

    I'm very happy for you.
  11. He may be right. I just checked my computer for viruses using Kaspersky Anti-Virus and that's what I got The last version of Autolink I downloaded from your board. I read about this Trojan on the network. It can not infect other files, but sends information about the owner in an unknown direction. If my antivirus was not mistaken, then this is a bad story.
  12. Thank you so much! You are the only normal person here. But I've already tried all the key combinations and nothing but the beep does not happen. Maybe I need to install something? Autolink and animation files from this board I already installed. It is necessary still something?
  13. I did everything as written. I press F11 and 1 and hear a beep. But there is no movement. What am I doing wrong? Can someone explain it normally?
  14. Xiayuo

    [DOA5LR] "What mod is this?"

    Thank you for the most complete answer on this board. You have at least something intelligible answered.
  15. Xiayuo

    Animations (WIP)

    What this? Can you answer more clearly? I'm not a telepath