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  1. Never mind I just read the last comments and it turned out that I never installed AAF. I feel so dumb right now
  2. I'm having trouble installing this in Mod Manager. I downloaded the most recent file (V200506) and when I try to install it it comes up with this message "Installation as a FOMOD failed: No condition were successful in 'OR' clause!" followed by "Missing requirement: The file 'AAF.esp/AFF.esm' should be active, but was missing!" in the log. I tried both files that are able to be downloaded and I'm having the same issue. I will admit that when it comes to coding and installing mods I'm still a novice but I would really like to get this mod working so If anyone can help out with how t
  3. So I downloaded Notepad ++ and I Rechecked the 2 NIOverride.ini in the mod folder (Going to Data\SKSE\Plugins doesn't give me and NIO files) to make sure that all the values were correct and the Pubic Hair growing system is still not working for me. (This is the NIoverride.ini file for Netimmerse) (After checking back with the original NIOverride it said that my Computer might slow down due to higher face layers so I lowered it) So with more checking when I start a new char the armpit and pubic hair starts off on level 4 but nothings there for both. The shaving still works but
  4. When I checked the mod files in the MO I only had two files labeled NIoverride.ini (Race menu and netimmerse Override V) which I assume is the file I change. There must be more NIO files for the different mods this mod needs. Also I'm using Notepad to change the files is that the right way to do it (I'm not very proficient in coding)? Also I have multiply files overwriting each other I'm probably not dealing with them probably,but every time I try and hide the overwrite files it messes up the game even more.
  5. So I believe my body Hair Growing/Shaving is glitched or Broken. The body Hair itself doesn't Show up on my character even when the body Hair menu says that's at stage 4. At first I had believed it to be a model issue, I had tried many "CBBE" body re-placers, When I believed the model to not be the issue I had decided to use the "Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-". When looking again at the original file site it told me to change to values in the NIoverride.ini which I believed I did but I may have done it wrong. The NIoveride.ini that I changed was at the location Mods/NetImm
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