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  1. I'm wondering if anyone can save me a headache in bugtesting this mod on my setup at the moment. I (believe) I have installed all the necessary files for Spunk and Pregnancy to work together, things seem to be working well. Running everything with the debug console flags no issues like others have had, but I've just started a new game with TTW installed and I'm not seeing any cum applied on either female NPCs with a male player or from male NPCs to a female player. Bare in mind my character/characters have literally just exited Vault 111 so it is early in the game. Since I'm not gett
  2. I installed this and set it up on the MCM but whilst the widget appears, both of the bars stay at zero the entire time. Does anyone know what the cause could be?
  3. So feeding them will change the "bloody" baby into a normal "FPE" baby - which will then grow as per the normal Family Planning time settings? Sorry, just trying to be clear. Edit: Nevermind, I'm being slow, you've already mentioned the MCM settings. Thank you Invictus for your quick reply, and a great mod!
  4. I've read through the description for this and I'm still unsure how this mod fully works. So I've found some orphaned babies in the Wasteland, I assume each of these babies need to be fed on a regular basis to keep them alive, right? Would they eventually grow on their own as per the usual Family Planning mod, or do they have to be fed the mutagen to force them to grow into children?
  5. Pretty sure I already had it around Christmas. Me and my wife were very ill, I was delirious for two days and sweating buckets laid up in bed. Weirdly, I didn't really shake it completely until the second week in February where I was having coughing fits that would last hours and it got to the point where my throat was red raw, coughing up lumps of dead tissue. I had to use sleeping pills just to get to sleep.
  6. I was, I think. I reinstalled the whole game, had the same issue again, but uninstalling the BP70 pack has worked for some reason. Everything was perfect until I updated the F4SE and AAF version, so I think that was the real cause - unless BP70 has been updated since.
  7. BP70 was the culprit for my 48 hour headache, taken me a while to figure it out as the patch works in weird and mysterious ways too. Be good if someone could look at the compatibility of this animation pack with the new AAF (and potentially the new F4SE?) I've managed to get around it by just not installing it at all, but it has left a hole in the animation bank, but its either that or nothing atm. (Scratch that, reading above, looks more like it's an AAF issue when I updated. The old addage "If ain't broken, don't fix it" comes to mind here.)
  8. Nevermind, me being a retard again. For anyone looking through necro posts (probably me in three years time) rename pluggy OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_HUD, not OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_HUD.dll
  9. Just a quick question, trying to reinstall a build of Oblivion whilst I wait to work out whats going on with my FO4 build... In the original installation tutorial it mentions renaming Pluggy with " _HUD" at the end, which I've done, but I get an error message saying "Pluggy must not be renamed for it work correctly" when I try and launch the game. Is the latest version of LAPF ok with the normal plugin name? If not, how do I rename it without the file force closing?
  10. Ok, I forgot that the AAF menu had an admin mode you had to select. For some reason AAF isn't picking up the vast majority of animation packs. There are probably other errors but it won't allow me to use the up, down, left and right to view them. Bit weird, these packs are all present and had been installed for months.
  11. I don't really know what's causing this, but it doesn't appear to be mod conflict as I've tried uninstalling everything bar AAF specific mods and I've still run into the same problems. Maybe someone else has had these issues and knows how to fix it, but I thought I'd best just let the community know about these problems I've been having. Firstly, I had multiple AAF and RSE derived mods working brilliantly, but for some reason I thought it would be wise to update the AAF and some of the animation packs the other day and it hasn't worked right since. The issue's I've got are: AAF Be
  12. Thank you Indarello, after removing the CBBE with physics and installing the OCPB system, everything is now working as it should.
  13. Can I just confirm that this mod is not meant to have animations, just text boxes?
  14. I had texture issues when I tried Fusion Girl, like it flipped 90 degrees
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