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  1. I hope one day it will be come out in cbbe form.
  2. One question what if i use smp not hdt how can i get this work without hdt ?
  3. Ty meikel1403 for the really fast conversation of the Demon Armor it was so fast that i can't say any words...
  4. I hope maybe someone interested to convert this https://twitter.com/blazingsai/status/1105877604144476160 to CBBE HDT Bodyslide. TY
  5. Hi Shadow Any chance that u can convert this armor ? http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-2883.html
  6. Rly nice mod u make there but one question ! Can u make the mod to an installler one ? So u can select what features (creature) u want from the mod and what not.
  7. Someone can convert this armor pls to cbbe hdt bodyslide http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-2521.html thx.
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