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  1. TheAxase

    clipping collision help

    I'm interested too. They are always clipping into one other or with the belly (during pregnancy for example)...
  2. TheAxase

    Need help with outfit studio

    I want to edit one of the remodeled armor from this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259?tab=files So... Am I supposed to import something from the mod in Outfit studio ? Here is what I found in the "Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide" folder of the mod: And inside the shapedata folder... : Is this the file you were talking about ? Sorry i'm not English and I don't know how to use Outfit studio so I have some trouble to understand
  3. TheAxase

    Need help with outfit studio

    For some armor I have multiple file in Meshes> Armor. Here is an example: daedrictorsof_0.nif daedrictorsof_1.nif daedricglovesf_0.nif daedricglovesf_1.nif ... I need to open all of them ?
  4. Hello I have some problem with my armor replacement mod. The body is clipping with some armors: How can I fix this ? I try to open it in outfit studio but everytime it says me that the slider need to be at 0 or minimal... How can I import the armor AND my bodypreset in order to adjust the clothes ? Thanks
  5. TheAxase

    Breast problem

    Problem soved I reistalled my skeleton
  6. TheAxase

    Breast problem

    Hello, I have installed the following mods: - HDT Breasts and Butt Physics - CBBE I have also choose a preset with bodyslide and use FNIS to patch everything. But in game, the breasts of my character are disappearing and the breasts doesn't bounce: Normal (Standing): Bug: In fact the breasts are going inside of my character Am I missing something ? How can I solve this problem ? Thanks in advance !
  7. Hello I have this message in the console: This might be a creature but creature animation are disabled. How can I fix this ?
  8. Hi ! So I know that I can get "physic" on my body simply by choosing the right body output in BodySlide. So is it really usefull to add this mod to my game ?: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54044/ What is the difference with the bodyslide's bounce ? Thanks in advance and as always sorry for my poor English
  9. TheAxase

    Problem with my Leveled list ?

    I already try to post on the nexus but the person who create the mod don't seem to be very friendly and helpfull. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help
  10. TheAxase

    Problem with my Leveled list ?

    I set the BikiniCurse_1dot26 to 0 but the bandit are not spawning with the armor pieces
  11. TheAxase

    Problem with my Leveled list ?

    So is there a way to check why the scripts are not working ? Or if they are actually running or something ?
  12. TheAxase

    Problem with my Leveled list ?

    Hello, Yes I try to put it at the bottom of my list (directly in WryeBash and with Mod Organizer) and the problem is still the same. I can find the .esp in "import name" and "import inventory" but not in leveled list.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to use the mod Bikini maiden. It's supposed to add some bikini armor parts to bandit and other generic npc. The problem is that the bandit are still wearing vanilla armors... Is there a problem with my leveled list ? Did I miss something ? Thanks in advance EDIT: I try to take a look with wryebash, the mod seems to be activated but it is not in the bashed patch leveled list windows. Any Idea ?