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  1. TheAxase

    Problem with my Leveled list ?

    I already try to post on the nexus but the person who create the mod don't seem to be very friendly and helpfull. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help
  2. TheAxase

    Problem with my Leveled list ?

    I set the BikiniCurse_1dot26 to 0 but the bandit are not spawning with the armor pieces
  3. TheAxase

    Problem with my Leveled list ?

    So is there a way to check why the scripts are not working ? Or if they are actually running or something ?
  4. TheAxase

    Problem with my Leveled list ?

    Hello, Yes I try to put it at the bottom of my list (directly in WryeBash and with Mod Organizer) and the problem is still the same. I can find the .esp in "import name" and "import inventory" but not in leveled list.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to use the mod Bikini maiden. It's supposed to add some bikini armor parts to bandit and other generic npc. The problem is that the bandit are still wearing vanilla armors... Is there a problem with my leveled list ? Did I miss something ? Thanks in advance EDIT: I try to take a look with wryebash, the mod seems to be activated but it is not in the bashed patch leveled list windows. Any Idea ?
  6. TheAxase

    Bodyslide preset for my character

    Thanks ! Is there a way to have unique clothes shape too ? Is it with the same mod ?
  7. TheAxase

    I'll Take The Display Model

    Hello, Everything is working with enderal except for the npc dialog. Is there a way to make it work ? Maybe an faction to add or something ? Thanks in advance
  8. Hello, Is there a mod that add CBBE armor conversion but in standalone version ? I found many mod who replace them. In fact, I use a custom body for my character which is different from the npc's one. So I would like a mod that allow me to craft the "skimpy" version without changing the vanilla one.
  9. TheAxase

    Bodyslide preset for my character

    If think that it's working thanks !
  10. Hello, I already made some research about my problem but I don't find something that can help me. Is it possible to use a bodyslide preset but only for my character ? I would like to have a preset for my female character and a different preset for the female npc. I read that I need to use a custom race or something like that. Is there any other way to do it ? If not, how can I create or find a custom race in order to apply my bodyslide preset ? Thanks in advance Edit: I find this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12631?tab=files But I don't understand if it will allow me to load a preset (.xml file). I see that I can modify all the slider one by one but I'm not sure that it will give me the same result..