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  1. I have a one issue and a question. zoophilic uplift result from breeding fauna doesn't seems to trigger no matter what, just bad, waste of time and great results, as those are only one which spawns species with zoophilic uplift trait i kinda want it for ehm.. roleplay needs. I found in code that LV trait are referenced that dont exist anymore (intercompatibile womb/sperm), maybe that is preventing for that event? As of a question i found trait titanic penis thou it does not appear in game. Is it for future update?
  2. What this mod really needs as prioritet is species namelist, as for now they spawn as noname
  3. While testing i had AME loaded last so i dont think there was an issue with cell edits or navmeshes Thing is none of my followers can travel into mansion. I have a EFF - Extensible Follower Framework thou.
  4. Same story for me. I dont have any overhauls in falkreath I think.
  5. Would be fun if some strategic body chasis parts were not stripped (breasts, groin, butt). Also HP damage when overheated makes unable to rest which is kinda weird considering you are in standby mode then (resting should cool you?).
  6. Found the cuprit. It was sfw file from transfer settlements. Silly me not figuring this before considering that MCG widgets had same problem. Thou on my test i again woken up with maxed power. But i had that problem once before widget mod ever existed. Prolly TGM command fckup this.
  7. I made new save and same problem, probably mod conflict, i have some hud mods in load order.
  8. There is notification but widgets just dont want to get updated. I've waited looong minutes, playing with zeroes now hoping they kickstart.
  9. Nwm. I had leftover old creature plugin. I have a mess there. Fixed now. Btw, is load order concerning those plugins correct?
  10. I noticed 2 sets of wombs, etc. First from AIO second from FPE esps. Should it be like that or i did something wrong with the install? Now i'm not sure if AIO esp should be present. My load and file structure order:
  11. It doesn't work for me : ( . Tried several reloadings. enb2020_7_29_06_29_25.bmpenb2020_7_29_06_28_30.bmp
  12. I start again, who goes hostile first? Supermutants or Sexbots Child stage..... thats 1. They became hostile when i entered Homeplate (thou after i went to sanctuary having 1 supermutant settler he wasn't hostile, none are on commonwealth map actually. Any hope... thats 2. Different topic about making Rogue Sexbot compatibile with your mod. Maybe both problems are related but i doubt that. Maybe its homeplate issue (I use eleonora deco mod there).
  13. Child stage, ther was Piper and 2 regular settlers aswell living there. Any hope for supermutant fix soon, (maybe making mcm slider for making factions friendly a.k.a option to disable feature) ? I kinda feel handicapped not able to use my charms as droid instead of blowing up everyone and everything
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