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  1. I've scanned all my workshop mods, and cleaned quite a bit up, but still the issue persists. It seems that only my crew members will cause the logspam, but it seems to only start after a few minutes or so? Game is perfectly playable regardless. Still, exiting the game takes quite a bit of time when it's ending with writing a 100Mb sized log.
  2. I tested out 3.13.2 Still spams. The issue is with me then. SOMETHING is screwing with something. Could it be the job offers mod? That maybe it's attaching some code directly to the npc crew that stick even after removing the mod?
  3. Well I'm at my wit's end here. I've disabled so many mods and still the log is getting spammed with that 6 times a second while in my ship with my crew. Everything LOOKS FINE in-game, with everyone behaving as you'd expect... but that log.... it gets so huge so fast. Is there any way to turn off logging? I know it's not ideal, but I'm just so tired of trying. edit: You know what, I think it's THIS mod (it's probably not, im just angry). I wasn't getting these errors with 3.17.3. Then I upgrade to 3.17.4 and all this screaming nonsense starts up in my logs (according to previous logs). I'd like to test this theory, but I no longer have 3.17.3 anymore. Do you have a spare copy of it still?
  4. I've shut off so many mods related to crew and I'm still getting this spam while in my ship with my crew. starbound.log Everything appears to work fine in-game, but the huge log files are becoming a bit of a problem when I play for more than an hour or something. edit: Something I did notice just now, of the two files being mentioned: bmain.lua : 191 reaction.lua : 285 Both of those lines include "run(dt)" at those exact lines, and nowhere else. I have no idea what that means or if it's even significant.
  5. WHOA, so I just looked at the sexbound sounds mod, and it also includes like ALL the other files from 3.14. I'm think going to remove it and see how that works. Thanks for the help!
  6. I'm getting huge error log spam that seems to be coming from this mod maybe? The longer I play, the bigger it gets, and it can get quite big. Seems to have started around the 3.17.3 or so. starbound.log
  7. Khajiit and argonians make some WIDE faces with this mod. I wish there was a way to input our own custom values through an MCM.
  8. I'm having trouble with npc's interacting with sex-objects. My planet town with tenants never interact with the sex objects. And on my ship, my crew will constantly bounce between interacting with objects for only an instance. I'm wondering if there may be a mod compatibility issue. I removed a few ai related mods, but it didn't seem to change anything...
  9. I.. I'm a total goob. I did have defeat installed, it was just named weird in my mods folder for some reason and I didn't see it. Sorry for wrong thread. GREAT MOD LOVE YOU SORRY!
  10. I'm having an issue where npc's are being "defeated" and becoming a sex-node, but they're also still running around with 1 health attacking me. They're basically just spawning the node and are impossible to kill. But this also shouldn't be happening as I don't have sexbound-defeat installed. I have no idea what's causing this issue, but right now npc humanoids are impossible to kill. edit: Wait no, it seems only npc's of modded races are doing this. I don't have sexbound support yet for modded races. Log is doing this a lot: (AssetException) No such asset '/humanoid/human/flaps/fem1.png' [02:44:19.821] [Error] Could not load image asset '/humanoid/human/flaps/fem1.png:normal', using placeholder default. (AssetException) No associated frames file found for image '/humanoid/human/flaps/fem1.png' while resolving image frame '/humanoid/human/flaps/fem1.png:normal' But it is showing the human fallback thing, so I don't know why this is happening.
  11. I can't get physics to work properly. breast and butt dont work, but skirt works. also, when i move, the belly becomes indented... i have other physics clothes that i installed and they work, just not this.
  12. Got a bug here. After casting a non-concentration spell, im unable to shout or sprint at full speed after casting, until i unsheathe my magic. All in 3rd person. i cast a spell, and try to shout, but nothing. unsheathe... and shout finally comes. cast a spell, and sprinting is slow like regular running speed and still uses stamina. it's definately this mod. i've tested with only this mod and requirements. it absolutely is an issue with these animations.
  13. I got rid of the heel sounds dependency Replace the esp with this one: C5Kevs_Yumiko_Light_Tank_Armor_CBBE.esp
  14. OOOOH... Ok. I totally missed that requirement. Almost like it's hidden. So, if I were to install it, I'd obviously need to re-run fnis... would i need to disable or reload the animations ingame first? Thanks so much for helping me btw! Edit: So I disabled the billy animations in-game, added the MNC mod, rebuilt the fnis patch, re-enabled the billy animations, and everything is working! Yay!
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