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  1. Using the latest beta9 and messing around with the open-mouth/expression editor and such. I'm noticing the open-mouth menu doesn't seem to work much at all. "Oral mouth opening" - Starts at 0%. Changing the value to whatever jumps it up to above 20%. I guess this is supposed to default to 20% and not go lower. "Use alt female expression" - Doesn't appear to do anything. Clicking on it doesn't check the box. Everything in the "phoneme" section - Doesn't change anything. The blowjob mouth appears to simply be only the "angry shout" face (which can be adjusted with the above %), but does nothing else. This makes me think this is just placeholder or something for now. Neat and exciting features, but it seems it's just not here yet. In the mean-time, I'll continue using the better blowjob mod for my kitty girl. Looks a bit ridiculous (and I'd love to adjust it myself) but it's still better than a barely open mouth with a dick clipping through my chin.
  2. Also having issues with dwarven sphere animations not playing for the sphere (it just sits there during anim). Not sure what's going on. It's the only issue I've come across so far. EDIT: LOL nvm. I just realized that there was an update for this that I haven't gotten yet. Downloaded it, re-ran fnis, and now everything seems to be working. I guess it was a bug that got fixed...
  3. Thanks for this. I hadn't seen this before. Not quite what I'd like, but it's actually an improvement for once. I do have quite a lot of experience with nif editing through nifskope and outfit studio. I know and can do quite a bit, but I'm no artist. Also, I've seen and tried out your texture mods! I tried out the smooth one, but just didn't have enough detail for me. I think I may be using the one from the top pic right now. Is there perhaps a way to scale the eyes bigger through nifskope or outfit studio? Kind of like scaling a bone? If I could do that, I could probably pull off the look I'm going for.
  4. Alright. This has been bothering me for so long now. I LOVE argonians, their lore, their slick scaly bods, except for their ugly t-rex heads. To my knowledge, there's not a single mod that improves the sex appeal of argonian heads. Yes, I know there's some mods that change argonians to basically "humans with some scales," but to me that's even worse. I WANT the exotic lizardly look, not fuckin humans. There's also some mods that just exasperate the velociraptor look that I don't like. Just look at this: Tiny, beady eyes. Wide open like dinner plates (for ants) And also a mouth that opens like a pez-dispenser. Mmmm... sexy? Yeah no, not doin it for me. So how could we improve these lovely lizard heads? Well, I've got some examples from a few artists I really like: Note: I've cropped out the naughty parts and left just the faces, so not distract you guys, ya fuckin pervs. Stay on topic From Reptilian_Orbit Notice the EYES. Nice and big, and giving sexy bedroom eyes. And there's some nice cheeks too. Their mouths don't go all the way to the back of their heads. Lets not forget Skygracer: Again, big beautiful eyes. Eye-lids. Even some cushy lips here and there. CHEEKS! Lizards CAN be sexy! Also notice the expressions. Smiling is much clearer and easy to see. So, fellow degenerates, why can't we have this? What will it take to get a 3d artist over here? The game is nearly a DECADE old and still no sexy lizard head. This is fucking killing me.
  5. I noticed that the "dwarven doll" and some other female looking creatures are using the default female textures rather than the textures provided for them in the texture folder. These bodies are designed for UNP, and I'm using CBBE which makes it look bad. I changed the texture paths using nifskope to the textures provided in this mod to fix them. It seems you originally meant to do this but may have forgotten.
  6. Downloaded SE version just now. Ran FNIS. Have all requirements. Tried testing out the mod: Stalker comes up to me sneaking, gets behind, but no groping animation or anything plays. He's just crouching there behind me during the whole thing. Everything else seems to be functioning though.
  7. A widget would be perfect for this mod. Also would be nice to maybe have an option to not hide HUD when playing animations.
  8. I'm noticing an issue with gags on argonians, khajiit, and their vampire counterparts. When NOT a vampire, argonian mouths open up enough to fit the log-bit (everything's fine), but khajiit mouths are only opened up half as much as needed (chin inside the log) When they are a vampire, both argonian and khajiit mouths open up twice as wide, which makes the khajiit mouth fit correctly but then the vampire-argonian mouth is too wide.
  9. I've scanned all my workshop mods, and cleaned quite a bit up, but still the issue persists. It seems that only my crew members will cause the logspam, but it seems to only start after a few minutes or so? Game is perfectly playable regardless. Still, exiting the game takes quite a bit of time when it's ending with writing a 100Mb sized log.
  10. I tested out 3.13.2 Still spams. The issue is with me then. SOMETHING is screwing with something. Could it be the job offers mod? That maybe it's attaching some code directly to the npc crew that stick even after removing the mod?
  11. Well I'm at my wit's end here. I've disabled so many mods and still the log is getting spammed with that 6 times a second while in my ship with my crew. Everything LOOKS FINE in-game, with everyone behaving as you'd expect... but that log.... it gets so huge so fast. Is there any way to turn off logging? I know it's not ideal, but I'm just so tired of trying. edit: You know what, I think it's THIS mod (it's probably not, im just angry). I wasn't getting these errors with 3.17.3. Then I upgrade to 3.17.4 and all this screaming nonsense starts up in my logs (according to previous logs). I'd like to test this theory, but I no longer have 3.17.3 anymore. Do you have a spare copy of it still?
  12. I've shut off so many mods related to crew and I'm still getting this spam while in my ship with my crew. starbound.log Everything appears to work fine in-game, but the huge log files are becoming a bit of a problem when I play for more than an hour or something. edit: Something I did notice just now, of the two files being mentioned: bmain.lua : 191 reaction.lua : 285 Both of those lines include "run(dt)" at those exact lines, and nowhere else. I have no idea what that means or if it's even significant.
  13. WHOA, so I just looked at the sexbound sounds mod, and it also includes like ALL the other files from 3.14. I'm think going to remove it and see how that works. Thanks for the help!
  14. I'm getting huge error log spam that seems to be coming from this mod maybe? The longer I play, the bigger it gets, and it can get quite big. Seems to have started around the 3.17.3 or so. starbound.log
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